NO SOUND issue on Sorceress class abilities, dash and basic atks

From the start after character creation there is not sound when attacking with the Sorceress either basic attacks or when casting spells and also the dashes makes no sound at all. There is only sound when ennemies are taking damages. I tried another class and there is no problem, also another Sorceress character and same issue occurs, so I assume that It’s a bug linked to the Sorceress class.


Same happened to me, i think voice is bugged, mine is voice 4, hope you fix it :blush:

Mine is voice 3, still not working. Every other class working fine.

Same here on my sorceress with voice 1.

I’m in the prologue and don’t hear any skill FX at all.

Same here! All other classes work fine.

same here, but it works when set to english audio

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You can fix it if you change the FULL LANGUAGE OF THE GAME IN STEAM INTO ENGLISH.

Dont use any other language, because spanish (mine) and probably many others have that sound problem with voices and skills (I think is the same folder or file corrupted).

Right now, play with Steam options of the game in ENGLISH and it works.


Thx It works by changing settings on steam in english and in game audio and then reset.

Happened to me after switching to Korean

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I was curious and checked the folder a bit.
I found that the English Audio Folder Contains 374 Files on my end. But French, German and Spanish only contained 373 Files. All three missing the File “IISQ0T0784DXF8R6CM5MCMQYJM0J0QQC17.bnk”

I copied the File from the English folder to the German folder in my Case. Now i have “English” Sorceress Sound while Steam and game Audio settings are on German.


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Thank you so much! Dont want to turn the whole game in english. Works for me!

can somebody post the same file but from KR client?
I want the sounds to be Korean all of them, if somebody can upload “IISQ0T0784DXF8R6CM5MCMQYJM0J0QQC17.bnk” from KR client - it would be great thanks

EDIT : i had 42 files in KR VO folder.
I just manually added Korean VO DLC on steam - i now have 379 files in that folder
im in que now - but pretty sure that was it - dont just select the option in game - download the DLC first
… - yep its all working now


Thank you , this post should be pinned so they know how to fix it for real then <3

How did you manually add KR VO DLC from Steam? I only have 42 files in my folder

Thats correct. They missed one file. Now they know they should able to fix. Good to know that in companies with slightly more than 10 developers those things happen too :slight_smile: . Cant test because login will take another 1,5 hour … maybe im sleeping then. Aprox 2000 logins in 19 minutes … really?

This is a part of our Known Issues List, thank you for the reports


This!!! I did the same and corrected the issue, can now play in french