"no support" topics are toxic for the game

with the many topics you just give Amazon more reasons to delay new contents. Because they see again “ah okay, the players are not ready for new contents. We need to hold them back”. Same how it was with other contents. And then again people complain for delaying contents. But it’s the players own fault. I just want to share my thoughts. sorry for my bad English.

Edit: They check statistics before releasing contents. And if they now see there are not enough supports, they could push back new contents, after the many “no support” posts. This old news was about valtan


Can you please elaborate on how it is toxic that there is a support shortage in the game? How can this shortage be a crucial reason for delaying content?


I cannot support this message.

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i don’t support your toxic behavior

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hes saying we gata wait for more supports to catch up so vykas will be delayed

Nah just the plebs who don’t have a static party or are willing to pay 20k for a support to join gotta wait.

On that note, anyone have a static party I can join, I’m tired of waiting in Party Finder for a group to go.

But that sounds ridiculous, just because most players prefer to play DPS over support doesn’t mean content has to be delayed :confused:

You paying 20k for my Bard booty? sure :rofl:

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No Cap, people have been offering 20k to have supports join :rofl:

It’s why I hard stopped my main and am dumping everything into my Support now.
Gotta get in on this.

I will sell my Paladin’s soul to the highest bidder each week


Sure, if you dont acknowledge a problem it simply doesnt exist. Good approach or nice troll clickbait.

Damn, lmao well idk still feels kinde wierd charging money just to join them.

i’m also not really a fan of selling carry because imo it takes away the reason why you hone and gear up in the first place but yeah guess i’ll check the room names next week

well if we dont raise awareness then it will never be solved potentially so
no matter what route you take its bad, take the one that can improve the bad


Tbh… You don’t even need supports to do content.

Tons of people running mains/alts through valtan just fine with full DPS teams. The only reason someone would truly need a support was? if they were bad and needed the heals from supports, b/c besides this supports main purpose is their attack buffs.

If you can’t find a support, it’s not the end of the world. Bring a good player/DPS and you should be fine unless they bad.

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But that’s what they do. They check statistics before releasing contents. And if they now see there are not enough supports, they could push back new contents, after the many “no support” posts. This old news was about valtan

Whales be mad. There is no reason to whale a support (as someone said, paying $1000’s for other people to play the game LOL) so now we have a shortage.

in that case even if they release new content whats the point if ppl cant do it cause lack of x and y that was not in the statistics

If they look at the missing support players and think the solution is to simply delay content, i dont even know what to say anymore. No one could unironically draw that conclusion.


Thats about item level required to do the content not about supports.

Every MMO has the same problem. Supports/Tanks always get infront of the line while DPS players sit there and have to wait longer nothing new

Don’t really understand what the people complaining even wants AGS to do. This game even in KR has ALWAYS had a massive problem with supports. Even in the latest content update, people had to search extremely hard to even get 1580 supports in their Kayangel 1580 runs. Hell, even a very famous streamer had to wait quite a bit for connections to get a support for those runs. What more of a normal player around?

And frankly, you don’t need supports to do Valtan NM or HM. There are already plenty of people clearing Valtan HM with full dps parties. Yes, it’s not easy to prog without supports, but it’s not impossible.

If you’re going to sit around for 10 hours waiting for supports, you might as well just prog it and finish it completely in those 10 hours with other dps’s. Legion raids like Kakul-Saydon will absolutely break the playerbase if they already need supports for Valtan.


I hit 1445 last Monday with just buying Arkpass on my Paladin and having only 3x1340 alts.

The only thing I hate more than support crying is complaining how someone that knows how to play the game is a whale.

When I hit 1445 I had exactly 120 gold left. Now I’m 1452.5 (only 3 armor upgrades left for Vykas hard), I got a 4x3 relic accessory setup with perfect stats and I’ve got 20k gold. And I’ve never sold anything on AH for more than 7k, which was lvl7 gem.