No supports in this game

Started a group yesterday for argos, waited 40mins for 2 supports lol, does nobody play bard and paladin anymore? Server is na east azena if any supports are interested in doing argos every week. Dm plz

Try playing a bard. It’s wonderful. I get into everything insta. The only problem is I run out of things to do in this game because everything is so easy for a fully set up bard. No challenge.

I have a 1325 paladin but it’s my alt and I don’t really wanna push it to 1370 rn but it’s extremely hard to find a support

AGS should release Artist first since it is a support and more people will want to play that.


I got a pala close to t3 but hes just not as fun as i imagine artist to be so im going to stick to maining dps for now

Can only speak for myself, but, I would never pub on a support, it sounds awful. See threads about idiots running out of bard heals, not even having the party buff effects turned on visually, etc. I only go with groups I know.

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I look at their engravings/gems before i accept them still. Unfortunately my friends and i all main dps classes.

Supports dont need that huge of an investment tbh. all u need is a maxed class engraving like bard one. heals for a ton. slap some lvl 4 cd gems on ur main skills. maybe some awaknening potion for emergencies and ur good to go

maybe if prices of expert/awakening combos weren’t ridiculous more people would actually want to invest into supp. I am paladin main and if I didn’t really have friends am currently clearing content with for sake of our group am sticking with it, if it weren’t for that I would of rolled ages ago…Before I get told I don’t really need full combo and things as such let me be clear. Most of the builds for dps classes are dropping in price and they are getting reasonable price tags and people can get allot/most of it while people on supp really cant why would anyone want to play a char that you need 10x the gold needed than most of decent dps builds.

another point is people are taking advantage of the fact that u can overprice support items. and wonder why alot of supports dont have 333 engravings

yeah prices are a joke. So jokes on those people as they can cry all day long when they get no supports for their content. For the current price of my set I could of complete 3 decent dps builds on different chars. Support is really boring without having a dedicated group of people to play with that’s already a turndown, after they realize prices of their builds they be gone to anything else real quick.

Are parties turning down supports with bad engravings?

If they don’t even have 2 lv3 engravings and wrong stats i turn them down… yeah i know it’s bad but i don’t want to be wasting pots to accommodate for players without good stats and engravings, just my opinion

So, there are supports. They just are bad/lazy/poor ones?

I have a single lvl 3 engraving which is Desperate Salvation and its enough. Only people who die are ones who cant dodge or die to 1 hit mechanics.

I think this is partly 1) the player balance of not wanting to play the present supports (waiting for the two other support/specialist classes i.e. Artist), 2) Being locked out of content you can only do once. Personally, I find the Argos raid really fun, and if my Bard had the iLvl and the ability to do it multiple times despite no rewards, I would. Because there’s not much else to do when all your dailies are done. This would serve to help the many who are having issues completing content due to lack of players to group with/lack of supports for balanced comps. Meaning those ~1400+ would eventually have more players to actually play with,

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Player who chose to run DPS makes a post about no support… Irony?

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I have a paladin but sadly it’s not 1370 yet because i don’t have enough leapstones, i would love to run argos with it

I play on Azena and I never waited that long for a support to do Argos, at most a big 10 minutes, which is only natural : There is only a little amount of support player compared to DPS and Argos itself is locked at 1370, you have 2 layers of restrictions per say