No surfboards in Nia Vilage

Can s1 tell me why i cant find surfbarod in nia vilage for una task ?

You need to complete Bervero’s purple questline (the one that makes you go get tokens or whatever) up to the point of interacting with surfboards in Tideshelf Path and then you’ll start seeing surfboards

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so my alt need to do this as well ? thanks a lot bro

Purple quest should be roster bound. Your alts should have access.

Its not true , u ahve roster quest or quest purple quest dont need to be bound

Bervero’s questline (the purple one) is not roster bound so if alts want to do the surfboard questline, they need to do a bit of that questline as well

Also that entire questline gives 40 simple oreha materials at the end so if you want to save some money, you can do that questline on alts to get simple oreha materials :slight_smile: It’s like making 320g.

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