No tier 3 honing selection chest?

Why is it constantly that T3 F2P players are shafted? And todays daily loggin u give catchup to T1/T2 and absolutely nothing for T3 players… yet again trying to force us towards buying gold to progress…

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Be glad they give you something.


Omg they are giving me free stuff, please stahp!


They didn’t give me anything. Daily login is normal rewards, today I got nothing.

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Im not in the game but pretty sure its day 10 and you get a t1/2 honing crate like you literally just complained about, as well as 5 potions to do extra chaos dungeons

Because we are ALREADY T3… theyre trying to PUSH people TO T3. also chill out, next week you can buy them with grand prix coins. Imagine being this upset about a login reward. my god


Eh. You’re supposed to have alts if you want to optimize. If you’re an actual T3 F2P player, you should welcome mats for alts since the more alts you get into T3, the more mats to push your main.

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I don’t really like playing alts, I do have a few T2 but stopped playing them, there isn’t another class in the game that I enjoy yet as they’ve only released a few playstyles (4 martial artists, 4 rangers etc). Looking to progress my main.

Reconsider start playing your alts again, this game is literally built all around having alts. I feel you about uninteresting classes, i’m not interested in ANY of the ones we have now, but this is what we have and alts are vital for progress.

Idk maybe they want you to up your alts wink wink

Why is it that MMORPG is tailored towards the slower players these days? Instead of trying to help those who are actively playing often and get them to the new content (argos) we are still focusing on helping people in T1/T2? Who is still back there? o.O Its pretty difficult to not be T3 by now?

This chest is literally amazing for f2p. Pushing your alts to t2 and T3 is what you should be doing, not obsessing with honing at 15% chances on your main.

Or your main to T3 :slight_smile:

Island Quests give selection chests.

I saved mine for T3 now that almosy everyone is making complaints about it.

U wot?

Only the faithful servants of RNG Jesus shall prevail - He who the true savior shall deliver pain and suffering to all who follows the falsified holy spirit like the self made god from mortal men of sacrians

Why would you be happy to get honing materials for an alt over your main? I dont understand. You want to be forced to play another character more to get mats for your main?

Sorry but the fact that you even stated you are a “F2P” t3 player, you shouldn’t even be complaining about something that is free.

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Ah ok, shut down the forums then. We are not allowed to comment on this game as its f2p.