No user feedback survey so far?

We are more than 3 months in, and there has been no user feedback survey to understand what people are liking and disliking about the game so far?

Is that it? Or I missed something?


Why do you need a survey when there’s a whole forum section dedicated to it where players are constantly providing feedback.

They don’t need it. KMMOs are the worst. Everyone hates them. It’s just a list of chores you try to get out of the way. They know that everyone hates their so called “game”.

The only reason people play whatever Lost Ark is, it’s the waifus. Remove them, and see 99% of players leave the game asap.

I got a survey from Amazon/Ags to fill out some time ago upon signing into my Amazon account. Idk how many of these they sent out and if it is determined by age of account.

I got the survey on April 25th.

“Everyone hates them”… Me… Likes K-MMO because I like Manhwas… The “work for it, bitches” part especially… Well… I guess I’m no one XD

damn right about that. everything else secondary. I’m here for the characters and skins.

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Well… How much of the player base actually come here to the forums? 5% ? 10%?

And usually, people come to post when they have a complaint… You cant measure whats working and whats not working on the community, just by forum posts…

In-game surveys, with rewards, should be one of the best ways to get quick feedback from a lot of people… But I guess they are not interested in that…