No Warning for NAW maintenance

I had no warning on maintenance for NAW, Twitter, forums or in game… did anyone see one?


No, nothing on any of the social medias.

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Yes it was in game at least 30 minutes prior

Strange I didn’t get anything on a banner or even the clickable confirmation

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Im ok with maintenance even if its 2 in one day but at least give us a heads up on social media or the forums rather than just flashing “maintenance in 15 minutes” in my face while im playing


I didn’t see anything either, but I guess I might’ve missed it or something idk. Did they do the text under the chat thingy?

i would expect them to even post it on twitter or elsewhere but nothing. Really Sad

there is

most people were probably too busy playing to notice the little ticker that runs under the chat. I wouldn’t have caught it either if i wasnt running around to find deskaluda.

absolutely nothing on social media or even here on the forums except for a lot of mad disconnected players

ah i see… I guess I’m glad I wasn’t in any instances but feel bad for those who were and didn’t catch this. hopefully some type of compensation for those who lost something during this

would’ve hoped maybe something on social media. but oh well, missed it in-game bc I wasn’t paying too close attention and didn’t expect a maintenance. They did tweet maintenances for specific regions before (whether that be a reply to a main tweet or not)

Something on the forums from the devs/mods/company should be a necessity. Many of us weren’t in-game when the ticker even showed up, so the forums is where I check if the servers dont even show up when trying to login

Still nothing seen all over social or forums about this maintenance? Just a banner that I’m pretty sure 95% or more playing didn’t even notice.

It was unplanned maintenance announced 30 minutes before. The Mari server was very unstable still so it had to be brought down to fix.

From what I understand the Mari server has been brought down FOUR times today since 12 am and the first announced maintenance

nice they just posted.


hmm well I hope it’s not just about login issues but the Mari long load time issue as well

Yeah, I was on last night when the server began to become unstable. Load screens started to become 60-90 seconds+. So I guess the hotfix didn’t fix everything.

It’s 9.38 pm PT. Excuse me

Is it turned on?

3 hours