No way to report griefers or quitters?

So lately in abyssals and guardian raids, there have been multiple times where the people dont know the mechanics and either afk after a first wipe or just DC. Just now I had someone say Lumerus despawns and just stood there typing in chat “gl with finding him he despawns” (he just moves gotta find him), “welp GL with that, i’m done.” Then proceeds to press quit raid button when he can so it pops up in the middle of our screen.

With our final 2 people we got him down to like 10%. Then proceeds to laugh at us in chat for this.

Abyssals are worse. I qued from 830 AM EST to about 4 PM EST for alarics sanctuary. Nothing but wipes and people not interested in even listening to chat to run the mechanics.

So are we just supposed to sit back and allow these people to ruin decent runs in raids and abyssals? Am I just supposed to meme about it on reddit?

Suggestion: Allow the party leader to kick someone from group and possibly have a backfill? Maybe have the abyssal or guardian raid scale down for people who DC? otherwise you just spent your time getting to the end boss for someone to not listen and just say “F it” and disconnect. Now you’re down a body and have to make up for it.

are you not able to ctrl+right click to report in dungeons/raids? or you are implying those reporting methods dont work?

but that does suck, i do suggest putting the effort into finding some friends or join a guild that play same time as you so you will have a more reliable group to run with