Noble Banquet misleading description

The description of the purchasable skin reads as follows “You can talk to Skin Modding NPCs to dye the skins”. However these are not dyeable (which is a huge shame btw!) instead of seeing only grey, white and black ones I would love some variation and uniqueness.‘These are only purchasable with crystals, why not let them be dyeable like they were originally supposed to be? Not only are these not tradeable anyways, you also get people to spend ln dye and you get a colorful mix of people and their taste! I was made aware that the Ark Pass variant apparently can be dyed (i included a picture of my current lineup) - but for me thats not enough,since that’s only one. I’d still love to dye and get my own style for all of them… if that makes sense! I hope this can be changed, thank you~

@Roxx @TrevzorFTW