Noble Banquet Skin (Dye)

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You sure about learning the lesson?

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Yes, you can check by opening the item description twice and checking the contents of the box but it’s misleading people to not do it.

How is it showing that it can be dyed in the description not misleading? Do you really believe that every user is going to check the contents when they description scroll over says it can be dyed?

What planet are you on?

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The one for blue crystals in not dyable.
However apparently the one for arc pass premium is dyable.
So 2 different versions of the skin do exist.

Another reason why users would have instantly assumed it could be dyed. If they saw another user with one dyed. Reading the description is enough jebait for most users to buy it thinking they can.

thread made two months ago. The UI improvement is indicating if the skin is dyable or not on the skin pack, to be clear. they done the opposite instead.

i’ve noticed that a lot of issues get “raised to the dev team” by CMs, but more often than not they just get abandoned.

that is false . They are the same skin , its just bug and they clearly fucked up

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Nice white knighting

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That isnt a problem of the users.
Is it?
As far as i am concern, it is exacly as it should be.
Since i do not see any statments made about it.
If you can find any i ll gladly go and see it.

There for as people always say on the forum.
If it isnt there, then it should be taken as such.
As far as we know, it is not a bug and it is intended as dyable.

The planet where we verify things before we purchase.

You realize the message that says “talk to NPC to dye skins” is a general message plastered on all chests with skins, right? Even the Omen one had it, and you also couldn’t dye those.

It’s not hard to open the chest and preview the contents inside to make sure. Take some responsibility for your own mistakes too, once in a while.

be quiet and stop saying some bullshit . Imagine being such a idiot get off this forum.

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It’s also written on Alar skin set’s chest but Alar set is purchaseable with blue gems and it’s dyeable. So please be quiet.


False, stop spreading this lie.


Never use the CHEST description, don’t ask me WHY they don’t put it on there, but they don’t.

Always open the chest, the set and then look at the specific piece. It says it’s not dyable.

Look, if there’s a sign outside a room that says “Free steak dinner”, it is not on me to tear off the sign to see if there’s another sign below it that says “enter here and get punched in the nuts”. Someone has to answer for that first sign.


“bE qUiEt” lol!

The player shouldn’t have to do investigation work for making a purchase if the item description in the shop says it can be dyed. It really isn’t rocket science, man. The description could have been wrong inside the contents of the box as well and your white knight argument wouldn’t stand.

Take a break from the forums. Sometimes there is a valid criticism.

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the ark pass one definitely is dyeable look at my WD on the left it’s not the ugly gray and gold

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Just as an FYI, you can expand the chest using the down arrow to see each skin. I also discovered that you can’t preview skins for other classes… lame!

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This made me chuckle harder than it probably should have. :rofl:

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