Noble Banquet Skin false advertisement in regards of being dyeable

Actually the Alar skin is dyeable, which you can get with blue crystals.
I didnt get Omen so idk about that one

Edit: my deathblade and glaivier Alar sets were both dyeable And dyed.
If your GS* wasn’t I’d say that was a bug

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Are you sure it was the ine bought with blue crystals, not RC? Not sure what the hell is wrong with mine then.

Yeah I just did it last night for my Glaivier. Bought blue crystals then bought the Alar chest + banquet wep chest.
Custom dyed the Alar with event dyes

The chest dont say “cant be dyed” because chests never have that option.

If you buy a potion you will complain it isnt dyeable?


you were saying?


Without a doubt it say can be dyed.
Buy it, open it, find out it can’t be dyed.
Cut and clear problem


given the other paid items they broke even further and havent fixed for months, actively refusing to… yeah, no.

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Oopsies, then they fk up.

I thouth it was the same problem with other skins, but here they went the extra mile on deceiving

Why the hell are you comparing skins to potions.
There is literally 2 lines of codework to distinguish one skin box from another.

If you buy something from e-shop, package comes and you will find out that inside the package is something not working as it should, you won’t complain ?

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the vagueness of skin chests has been known since the release.

it’s been two months after this issue was “raised to the dev team” (nice buzz-phrase btw). no fix, no update on the matter. I see a pattern.

"we’ll raise this issue to the dev team, *wink* *wink* *wink* "

I was comparing chest to potions.

We’re looking into it… for the next century.

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Check the thread I linked, that isn’t actually a conformation, they said that about other stuff then didn’t fix it for months or broke it even further somehow.

As always.

Kinda cringe that the only new skin in the shop is purchasable once.

You need to expand it all the way.

It should just say it on the very first chest though. Eastern games don’t like making things easy.

Either way, that version should be dyeable as well.


You can dye the alar purchased with blue crystals. I have it. Go look at the description of it.

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Sure, but in this case the first description says you can bring it to an NPC to dye. So they should [read: have to] honor the first “promise” presented to users.

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