Nobody cares about the game bots ruined the game

nice holiday ags


:crazy_face:Kpis are greater than the player’s real experience.

Remember, people have families and deserve time off from work. Some of you act like a video game is essential service or something.

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this online game bro this not ags market , look amazon market working All day ? on holiday

they are paid to be clowns

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There are people with +20 weapons from Brel already. The only people left in this game are RMTers and 24 alt andies, so I’m sure they don’t care.

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You forgot about those that are sustained 24/7 on copium.

I mean if your weapon was already +25 you just need to tap it once and you’re +20 lol

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They are asking for your money, so this reaction is completely warranted. If they didn’t ask for any, less people would care. If you offer a product, you deal with what that entails. If you can’t, then refund people and quit.

Well regardless of what you think it looks like they are taking time off as they should. It doesn’t bother me one bit because this is just a video game, lol. Merry Christmas!

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So sad. Glad you feel better then since the little game has upset you. Merry Christmas!

The game didn’t upset me, you did. Merry Christmas

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