Nobody likes these new skins

The general consensus is that people think these new skins coming out look bad and way too similar to the Noble Banquet skins. Go check reddit and other social media sources and people all express disappointment. This is probably another effort to drip feed the playerbase by releasing the unwanted skins first but really, all you’re doing is annoying the playerbase and getting people to talk shit about the game/quit.
From a purely business perspective, this is a bad decision because even if you wanted to drip feed, you should’ve picked a skin that isn’t nearly identical to the Noble Banquet skins because people won’t feel the need to get a second version of that. You are potentially losing out on profit because of this badly timed release.
But anyways, I am not surprised anymore because its Amazon. I mean, we got edgelord skins in the Spring and now we are getting suit-like skins in the Summer. Watch us get short sleeves in the Winter next.
So basically, whoever made the final decision to pick these skins accomplished nothing. You won’t get high profits from these (bc people already have noble banquet skins) and you are further irritating an angry playerbase (who is still upset that you backtracked into 1 class per 2months).

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That’s the point, create frustration so you will buy the next ones

Almost like people have different tastes. Take a moment to come back to reality and not live in delusion world

But op is only cherry picking people with the same opinion

And since he found more than a few that share his view must mean that everyone thinks that

…cause that is how individuals work

Or not?

Ye, people have different tastes, so maybe release skins for those people instead of almost exactly the same skin line one after the other?
Because you can’t deny that it’s very similar to noble ones and since release all we got was edgy or this noble-like. How about some more fantasy-like, colorful, cute or goofy etc?
Ye, we got anniversary ones, which were nice but we need more diverse ones instead of almost copy-pasted from previous