Non Transformation Scouter Raise Up!

Who here ready to play AT Scouter !!!


He will become my head😁

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I’m sorry friends as Scouter will be my alt I cannot justify passing up the insanely cheap build that is Transformation classes.

But as a transformation class hater I am with you in spirit.

WDYM transf. hater?

Demonic tranf. is the best thing ever. The power! The edginess! The RP value!

Begone Transformation Lover ! My cat can play transformation class, pressing 6 keys is easy


My glorious roster is a Hit Master roster. KEKW you’ll still be sweating egg sized droplets after a raid while i’m here eating tendies while getting mvp’s.


Until entropy players get good enough. Enjoy it while it lasts :joy:

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I’m ready!

Non transformation build looks so much better and it’s not as repetitive as the other one. Played both loved the former one. Sadly people don’t like it, for whatever reasons, I’d say go with your heart. It looks dope and once you master your drone you can do miracles. GL mate on your journey. It might be a bumpy one but it’s so much worth it. Do not ever allow other people to tell you what you should or should not do.

transformation classes in this game are just so damn boring. im hyped for AT scouter. it looks super fun and i cant wait for it to finally release. also since its off meta and noone plays it it should still be pretty cheap to build

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