Noob Bard looking for insight/tips

Hi everybody,

TL;DR: Does any pro player and/or bard has any insight about PvP?. Best practices on the arena, positioning, etc. I’m having a hard time getting past 1100 lol.

I know probably the post will have comments saying to quit PvP and shit like that. I don’t mind those comments tbh.

Im looking for humble and charitable souls to share any tips and best practices for bards for climbing the ladder in PvP.

I haven’t been able to pass 1100 rating. I’m sure that there’s a lot of things that I could do better since I’m completely new to this system and game, such as get used to the CC is the game and when to press space bar. However, I’m almost always trying to be buffing and a little out of sight, because when the enemy dps catch me without my space bars, I die really fast. I try to attack when I have cool downs and ways to escape.

I don’t know if teammates should be more “defensive” when playing with a bard such as keeping them off me when I can’t escape. Or if I should opt for better ways to escape (such as using Sound Wave instead of Rhythm Buckshot)?

If anyone has insights and best practices as a bard to improve rating and climb that ladder I’ll highly appreciate it.

Take care and have a good one.

I mean as a ranged character one thing you really need to note of is your positioning to both your team and the enemy team. Never let a backline diver have easy access to you by making sure your team is constantly between you and them. Also I know this sounds really dumb but before the match starts always type “peel for me” so they don’t immediately insta dive enemy spawn 3 seconds in the game. Throughout the game if you or your team are pretty badly positioned try to use danger pings to communicate.

As for bard specific things I am not too sure what to tell you since I have only played the class in pve.

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Bard is a highly reactive class. A few tips:

  1. The most important part of bard is trading superarmors. Bard has…5 superarmors I think off the top of my head (sonic vibration, buckshot, march, guardian tune, rhapsody of light). Everyone time someone jumps on you, you counter with a superarmor (typically sonic vibration, buckshot, or march). Ideally you aren’t using rhapsody for superarmor only, but it can be done in a pinch.

  2. While you don’t do a lot of damage, your job is to make the enemy team do very little damage too. Rhapsody of light basically completely negates any move due to the damage reduction and shield. If your teammate is caught, drop a rhapsody under them.

  3. Disrupt disrupt disrupt. Someone going for your teammate? Drop a sonic vibration on them. Stun them using prelude. Blast people with pew pew lasers.

Are there specific issues you seem to be having?

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Hey thanks for the tips!.

No specifics, just general best practices on the mindset of a bard on arena.

Definitely gotta play some more and get used to the mechanics and the spells. Thanks!

Maybe take a peek at Laufie. She’s very good. Bard main, pvp main, think GM? Or maybe masters…haven’t watched in few days.

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Laufie is a griefer that gets surged for 54k (jk)

Another good tip would be to delete bard and play paladin instead.

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Why would anyone do that lol