North America West Server

6,237 queue number at 3am in the morning that’s crazy , just got off work and wanted to play before bed and now have to wait 25-45 min that’s no fun it’s constantly happening with these queue’s can’t keep sitting around on wasted time get nothing done the game is awesome when you can play but these days it’s getting worse waiting please fix this problem Lost Ark is wonderful don’t let this be the down fall of the game thank you :wink:

45m for a 6k queue?
Na folk be logging off fast ~

BOTS Maybe?

I started at 6000 queue about 30 min ago and still more than 2000 left. RIDICULOUS! :clown_face: world

8.4k queue right now. It’ll be a 60 to 90 minute wait based on my experience.

This has been a problem now for over a month, and there is no indication that this is being fixed.

I’m not expecting a solution at this point.