Northern Lawmaker Beard Bug?

Hello, it seems that my character’s natural beard is clipping with the Northern Lawmaker beard, even when I don’t have the set equipped. My hair color is brownish, but these weird patches of grey show up from the Lawmaker set. Not sure if this is a bug or some odd problem with my hair color, but it’s been a bit distracting. In my character pane, the beard looks fine and normal, but it’s just in the actual world that it looks all messed up. Any help would be appreciated.


Same here, looks fine in the character selection screen and customization window but gets messed up and patchy once I load into the game, particularly during cutscenes and when I zoom in. Mine occurs with or without the lawmaker skin though.


Here’s a pic of it.


Update. Beard graphic is fine upon relog and I have been able to reliably replicate this issue whenever i swap or reequip gear for any reason.

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I’m having the same bug as @Bymc . While not game breaking, it does tend to be jarring and annoying. Any ideas to resolve this would be appreciated.

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I’m still annoyed they got the glow/lightning wrong on the sets.
All the preview pictures showed blue on the white set, yellow on the red set, and red on the black set.

However, it rolled out as yellow on the white, red on the red, and blue on the black. The contrast is all jacked up and doesn’t match the weapon or the corresponding wolf mounts too.

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have same bug


This beard is most likely not due to the Northern Lawmaker, as it is something that other players without the set also experience (myself included). The bug manifests either similarily as shown in the image above, but also as the beard ending up being entirely brown instead of the nicely grey-streaked one I customized.

Yeah, I’ve done a little more testing with it and it seems to just be the beard itself that gets all messed up, regardless of armor. However, changing armor at all seems to activate this bug. Really sucks because it breaks immersion for me.


Same, dude. Same. There’s some maintenance going on right now on the european servers. They stated that “‣ Fixed issue when dying Northern Lawmaker skin on any Warrior sub-class, it would prevent skin from displaying properly” as one of the reasons. Hopefully they are referring to this bug, and if it does get fixed its not only when you’re wearing the armor. They’re probably not though - but I retain my right to inhale copium.

We’ll have to see, I guess. :confused:

Legit could be worst, you could end up with something like that

Full beard completely clipping through helmets or costumes

This is just so annoying and frustrating.
And let’s not mention the other skin face mask that literally changes your face/haircut entirely…

I don’t want to have to crack a ticket to change appearance not knowing what’s the extent of the damage, if all beards small or big are impacted…

Unrelated to the bug discussed in this thread. I would recommend creating your own thread reporting on it. Will probably increase likelihood if it being dealt with. Sucks to be sure though.