Northern Lawmaker & Founders Pack Showcase

This page has been updated FYI- Founder’s Pack Content Showcase - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

I know and it makes me sad

I don’t think you’re understanding my suggestions. I have waited until they posted actual showcases of Northern Lawmaker before posting my post. I have seen the updated screenshots, I have thought about it, and then I have written the post.

I just want AGS to be more transparent about the founders pack. Please check out the JP Founders pack video I linked, maybe that’ll help you compare what showcase we got vs what another region got

And in response to your previous reply, it’s not that it’s only out for 15 classes. The point of my post is that I want transparency on what my options for some of the items out of the founders pack


Sorry I wasn’t replying to you but Oinone

It seems like there are different colored versions of the Northern Lawmaker Skin, but it’s not clear how many and how you chose them (Tied to Class or you pick which you like?). Also the showcase didn’t cover many classes, and considering some have different body types & stances this isn’t all that helpful. Do they come with weapon skins or just armor?

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There is still a video trailer in progress to show off the Founder’s Pack items that should come out prior to launch, but since these images were ready we wanted to provide them asap


Thanks for the quick confirmation, I’ll be looking forward to that

And this is appreciated and a good call.

Yall stop complaining when we got a glimpse into something earlier than expected :thinking:

Sorry, I have made bad assumptions. I have held in my criticisms for so long now. Since the announcement of the founders pack, I’ve sent in a ticket, continued to follow tweets to see if I could get previews so I can decide on what tier to buy.

Now that in game screenshots were shown, I thought this was the end of it. There were no indications that there were more WIP to showcase. That’s when I decided to make the post to ask for more showcase. Hope you understand the frustration.

I was not sure how the Northern Lawmaker was going to look for the Gunslinger since the northern theme felt like it was a bit contradicting with the gunner style but it is extremely good looking and i cannot wait to mix it with everything else.


I’m looking forward to seeing what the Bard and Sorceress look like in the Lawmaker outfits.

I came here exactly for that info, thanks ^^. While a screen is a nice first step, seeing the rendering in movement and on the various classes will be a bit better to get a good idea of how they look.

Nice, ty ty.

2 low res screenshots is hardly a “showcase”… all other versions pull out video trailers for new outfits.

You can checkout models in model viewer on Lost Arkive


Care to link Northern Lawmaker on each character?

Thanks a lot Bobi, really helpful!

there isn’t for others classes yet, that’s still up to come.

I hope these viking skins are not meant to be simply for all male characters… they would definitely not fit the hunter classes in any way. The purple Gunslinger skin with more metal armor than fur would definitely also fit better to the male hunters because 3 subclasses of them using guns. It even has a slight “undead” vibe/potential to it with the purple color and would go really well with the hunters and especially with the devil hunter because of his theme with skulls on his weapons etc. and well hes a literal devil hunter :stuck_out_tongue:

I can only pray that the male classes with the slimmer frame are not just getting these huge viking skins as well. they really only scream “warrior” :sob:

Could you please tell us if the final version of it will have the lighting effect on the arm and eyes, it was one of the thing that got me to preorder the founder pack for it, but based on the screenshot, it seems gone now :confused:
Would like to have a confirmation on that

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