Northern Lawmaker weapon skins showcase

Iam looking for screenshots of the northern lawmaker weapon skins. Only found gunslinger. Anyone can share some screens?

Gunslinger: (shared with Deadeye?)

Hi, I was really interested in this topic and to see the skins.
The deadeye would use the bigger fluffier male skin. Not sure if weapons would be same.

Shame you didn’t have more, but I will share what I have found so far:

Gunlancer white armor black weapon.

ScrapperWardancer(?) red armor red weapon.

Sorcerer black armor black weapon.

Sorcerer red armor red weapon.

You get to choose seperately armor and weapon.

Maybe this has helped someone.
It has been hard to find.

I saw the Bard harp on youtube and that is great looking harp.
Like the viking wooden snake motive.

Artillerist weapon A (white/silver and gold)

Striker weapon C (black)

Anyone have pics of the Bard’s Harp??

I tracked down the video with the bard skin.
Hope you appreciate it.

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Thanks for posting these pics all! Very helpful. I think I really like the Silver Weapon color and not sure which I like the best for Armor color.

Hope we can get more pics!

Thanks for sharing these pics!

I would really like to see a picture of scrapper’s weapons, if anyone have any?

Appreciate it Rewrench!.. nice Looking Harp! … If you happen to see the black and red versions…

hehe :slight_smile:
Thanks again

There was another topic with bunch of additions so might as well keep attention to that other bigger one with more info.

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Yea thanks I still can’t decide which I want! I’m thinking possibly the white for gunslinger right now

I second this! Cheers to everyone for your contribution!
Please and thank you for scrapper weapon pictures ^^

Here’s Scrapper style A for ya


That looks really good!

The Northern Lawmaker can be dyed, so if you don’t mind the blue crystals all 3 sets are effectively the same. This is Set B on Wardancer, dyed Purple and Gold. IIRC it was 140 blue crystals for body and another 140 for legs.


Oh another thread lol I am liking the girls in white I think I’m dieing to see a gunslinger In a, including her back and guns! Did anyone get her?

Bard C Set

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That harp looks awesome now if only it sounds dead more feirce and less musical lol

Can you change the color of the glow when dyeing them?

No the glow is not changeable. So when you buy your pack/skin make sure it is the glow you want.

Lawmaker Armour and weapons Type C for Gunslinger: