Not a bug just unsure how to resolve

So I had gotten a vern voucher or something of that line after completing the north vern questline and hitting level 50. I had right clicked the vouch like the mindless zombie I was, playing the game for 12 hours straight. So I’m not sure if I should be concerned or can get any assistance but I’m under the impression after the fact that the voucher was a quick pass to fifty on alternate characters. That being said I unintentionally used it without regards and used it on my main character that is level 50.

Till you right-clicked mentioned item, “Power Pass” button at character selection would tell you that you have no power pass.
After clicking, you can “redeem” it on any eligible character in your roster on server where you right clicked it. (So you are just fine, it did not apply to character that you had active at time of “right-clicking”.)

Side note: Once you decide on character you want to boost to lvl.50, use slow method, do not skip. You’ll get some extra rewards, like little bird pet which has special element (based on color) for your ship sending missions.