Not a single day goes by without 10 or more DC's

I’m here to express how frustrated I am with this game, and all the “team” behind it. After SEVERAL weeks suffering due to this DC problem (that seems to have NO solution at all), I’m really considering uninstalling the game and take a brake.

Lost my entry to Vykas’ Raid this week, because I dc’ed literally when we completed the first gate. Could not get rewards and the entry restoration ticket did not arrive.

Imagine this scenario in the upcomming Brelshaza Raid. This problem does not affect only one person, but the whole group, specially in static groups (in my case). You guys don’t even care for HUNDREDS of people Worlwide having DC problems, and not a single notification is given to us that shows you are really working towards the solution. Only repply these “made up answers” to let people hang, expecting a miracle to play this f***** game as it should be played.

After playing for almost 3k hours, I’m being forced to let it go.

As my last resource, I’ll change my router today for a new one, hoping this problem get fixed. If not, farewell people, it was a good time.

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Just take a break until Ayaya comes out :person_shrugging: As this shit seems to be related to EAC I bet they’re just as frustrated as we are

Hello @veam.vitor,

Hope you are doing well.

This is to let you know that we are already aware of this issue and are currently working for the fix.

Her’s an official post, which you may refer:

Hope this helps.:magic_wand:

Totally agree