Not able to use any powerpass after getting the punika one?

That’s pretty wild. I get the charge back issues, but not being able to even use the ones given to us is kinda weird. Oh well, guess it’s a good time to take a break from Lost Ark until it’s resolved.

Yup. Terrible. Flew back into town on Tuesday. Same day they disabled. So now I haven’t taken part in the express event or the power pass. Figured it would have been a quick fix, guess not.

This is so unprofesional sorry for saying it but update mid next week? Not fix but update? When the problem is in the provider there should be incentive or something to give to the players. Also atleast enable the usage of consumed powerpasses even if the store is broken up. I bought a char slot for this and i get broken service? If this was any other kind of service you would be neck deep in trouble. Not to tell you that i lost 30 day of crystaline aura and no one from the customer support could’nt help me. I think this was the last cash I spent…
Saying it as a PM in software company and a customer here.

Could the North vern powerpasses become available at least so new and returning players can use them? Thanks!

i hope today is the day, because im waiting for like a week to use one and it started getting on my nerves

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Experiencing the same issue and thought it was just for me. Hope they fix it soon. Finally had the urge to create another alt and boom, powerpass unusable. My powerpasses can be seen in my server selection screen so I’m sure I have them.

7 days and still can’t powerpass :frowning:

great its not gonna be fixed with this update

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I sure hope one day Amazon has a different solution other than screw over their actual players. This and the three day holds are ridiculous.

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was the update of mid-this week that we’ll get an update at some point later this week? why cant we at least get use of our free powerpass, the 3-days hold on gold has already been put in place and its not like a free powerpass on already existing account will somehow be charged back?

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Sort of, but that also implies that we will get some info about this I would assume today, since CMs do not work weekends apparently. However something tells me that we won’t.

10 days later still no fix…not surprised

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised either, sadly.

I love this game, but I can’t blame my friends for leaving, it just hurts to see one shitshow after another on AGS side.
Every time you want to do or enjoy something (even just some core functionality you might have actually paid for), they manage to disable/change/break or straight remove it and screw regular players over.

(The whole EUW fiasco, (paid) crystalline aura broken for several weeks, founder packs fiasco after having people switching region, people banned for buying costumes in game via the market if the seller refunded, rapport gold removal, etc. etc. up to the current powerpass fest, and everytime with the same lack of communication, ETA, whatever, and a PR speech which would make a government spokesperson proud)

how shocking, this is saturday and i cant find any updates about this xD

Surely we will hear about details tomorrow.

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on a sunday? mmmh, surely

Well true, but at the same time they said “mid week” in the last patch note that mean saturday or sunday and still no news about it :confused:

Hello Arkesians,

I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with being unable to use your power pass at present but that is indeed the expected temporary behavior as you have been made aware of here:

You may check on official updates regarding this matter in the Official News Forum as well as our main site.

Given this is a repeat thread on an already addressed topic and not something support has any input on at present, I am closing it now.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf: