Not being able to use VPNs has deterred me from being able to play this game at all now

I hate the fact that you guys actually made it impossible to play this game now. I refuse to pay for a game that I can no longer play. Like I understand that gold bots are a problem. VPN’s literally help half of your player base. Figure out another way to deal with the bots please. And being able to use a VPN shouldn’t be against ToS! Its stupid!


I’m also in the same boat, I’m an expat living in Asia, my steam account is from my home country but now I can’t even login. Put almost 700 hours in the game only for AGS to decide not to let me play.

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1000 hours, $3000, and I’m in the same boat. I’ve been playing using a cloud gaming service because I have a nice MacBook and gigabit, but no gaming PC. Now I need to buy a gaming PC just to continue playing because they can’t take the time to implement a full-solution. I understand the reasoning and thought process, but a blanket ban is the wrong answer


also a cloud gaming user, can’t play anymore, this is so sad


I agree my wife is unable to play this game because of this VPN change. We’ve contacted our ISP, got a new router/modem, and even changed our ISP and it still hasn’t worked. If I can’t play with my wife I can’t get carried through Frost Helgaia and I won’t stand for this.


They didn’t decide. This has been there from the start. You just chose to ignore it.

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No one reads full TOS plus blocking vpns is stupid the intent of that clause is the use of these tools in a malicious fashion like botters and gold spammers. Not for people that have a legitimate use case like overseas deployments or foreign travel, or crap isp and they use a service to find a less laggy route to the server.


Agreed. Putting that stuff in TOS is fine as it gives margin to ban people without getting sued or giving refunds. It lets Amazon acts as it pleases. They didn’t enforce a ban on it before because there was no reason to, and it helps bring in more players and also more money. Big content creators like Sywo were also big advocates of proxys like Exit Lag even pre-launch.

They are 100% doing it now because the bot situation is out of control, but that’s just a bad idea in my opinion, as it creates a huge new problem. Bots won’t go away and many players like myself that are living overseas that can’t even login without VPN or players that can still login without it but face heavy lag issues will be impacted.

If they don’t revert this or allow exceptions to legit players/accounts, I’m going to be very disappointed. No other MMO, hell, no other game I played has done this, this is just nuts. It will ruin the experience of so many players that invested their time and money in the game, like how the hell is this a good idea?