Not cool, Amazon. (An Error 10010 Saga)

After double and triple checking that my cloud based computing service ShadowPC ( does not use any VPNs and in fact discourages their use, I sent a support ticket in to Amazon thinking surely there was some sort of fix.

In my ticket, I clearly stated that there is no VPN in use, that I am using this service, and that I am in NA East. They were initially helpful, asking for my character name, server name, and region. I gave them the info. And then this:

Yep. It’s like they weren’t even listening. No Andrew, you did not solve my problem, but I’m sure you’re very nice. I tried to log in to Lost Ark (mostly out of sadness, but also curiosity), and this is what I see that had not previously been there before:


Annnnd I’m livid. I did appeal, and very clearly and politely made it known that I’m within the acceptable region, and that I’m willing to prove it. Not only that, but that I’m also willing to prove I’m not, in fact, using a VPN. This is absolutely not okay. What kind of ‘customer-centric company’ does this?

Unfortunately, it seels like you have to use GeForce now if you want to continue playing LA. If you look around these forums, you can clearly see this happening.

I feel bad for you and as other ShadowPC users have reported, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be “fixed” by AGS anytime soon (or at all).

There aren’t enough emojis to convey just how angry I am at this. I’ve used my Shadow for YEARS now, and there has never been a game that banned using it. I’m not about to switch from a service I really like and that houses all of my games already, to another one, just to play Lost Ark.

It’s extremely unfair that GeForce Now is allowed, but other cloud-based services are not. I live in the appropriate region, I am not a bot, I’m not using a VPN. It should be allowed.

(I’m not arguing with you, btw, I appreciate the kind response <3)

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