Not enough Character Slot Extension's now?

The 3rd character slot extension was added since there were 18 tickets in the store prior to the update.
Now there are 12 slot extensions in the store, and I have bought all of them, but I am only able to have 1 character in the 3rd extension.
I’m assuming I got one character slot extension from the founder’s pack plus the 12 in the store so that’s how I got 13 characters, but now I can’t get tickets for the last 5 characters slots because it just prompts w/:

Purchase limit exceeded. You cannot purchase any more .

I don’t want to get all 5, but just trying to make soulfist + reserver destroyer name.

TLDR; If you bought character extensions prior to the update you can use the entire 3rd extension, if you did not buy them before, you cannot use the full extension because there are not enough slot extensions in the store.

Will they be adding more extensions in a future update or fixing store back to 18?


There’s a bunch of guys having this issue (me as well) they will fix it asap. I hope.

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Thank you very much!
I had tried searching briefly and couldn’t find anything, didn’t know if I was missing something.

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Same here, I can’t purchase anymore. Currently at 14/18 characters

yes same issue with me too.
Can not use the character slots
I bought 100$ royal crystal and spent all on character slots.

Having the same problem, 13/18 characters can’t buy more tickets

I already reported that issue 16 times by ticket and twice here on forum like 2 weeks ago, but there was 0 response from Amazon about that and i wouldn’t count on any actions from AGS in that regard.

It’s a different issue. Before the patch it said my remaining tickets were 12/18. I can no longer purchase any, much less use them. The counter is 0/12.

Because they lowered max slots from 18 before to 12 now and bug is even more visible, before i still could buy 9 slots, now im 3/12 and if i buy one i will have 0/12

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Same here - please fix this ASAP.

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Yeah let’s raise awareness of this. Same problem here

Same issue here. Was gonna make a Scrapper but I guess this is a sign to not make one haha

Pretty sure this is probably at the bottom of the list of problems from the patch for them after seeing the express event/ crashs/ punika kt not working/ and who knows what else.

I can only assume it will get addressed in a week or so but would be nice getting it earlier to get the kt time out of the way.

This is a bug the team is aware of – we’re targeting not tonight, but next week’s patch for a fix (we were hoping for tonight but it didn’t quite make it in).


is a bummer, but thank you very much!

Fingers crossed for May 5th.

I had found this post and it had let me use my extra 5 character slots:

But i think a lot of people are now going to notice the 9/9 knowledge transfer limit for north vern…

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this worked for me, but i already bought 12/12 and wasted another 800 crystals to try and see if it worked. Think I will get the 800 crystals back or are they a lost cause?