Not even 5am and theres a 5k queue

5k queue before 5 am on a Monday morning? You have GOT to be kidding if you even remotely try to play this off as real people playing the game. CM’s won’t have a job at this rate anymore. Won’t be a community of players to manage the more this keeps up. Anyone realize kids are out of school in a couple of weeks? Ready for 20k queue times all the time? Kids have school and people work today yet it’s still an hour wait time to log in at 4 am!!! Yall released a “we know there’s a bot issue” and the server stability and bot issue got WORSE. I’d rather deal with latency and play on NA East than deal with never being able to play…q

I just tryed to log in on NA West from Australia at 11pm here and there is over 12k queue. The worst i have seen, normally upto 3/4k

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Yeah, I love the game but this bot issue will run more people away. When casuals can’t casually play anymore this will be the new “New World”. It makes zero sense to have a queue time like this at this hour…

Until the bots issue is resolved , the queue in NA west during botting peak hours will always be there. There’s literally hundreds or thousand of bots in the NA west servers during these hours. Just go to starter area and your will see several channels of bots running around blatantly.
It’s advisable to migrate to NA east. there’s no queue there on the newer servers.

Make sure to not bring your rmt buddies. They are the ones who screwed you in the first place.


I agree completely. They need to upgrade server capacity or add more servers. I get home at 6pm from work and have to wait in a 90min queue? There goes the large majority of my gaming time. The bot issue is despicable. They need a better anti cheat software Battleeye.

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more server capacity = more bots. more than half the people ur queuing with are probably bots.

Oh it hits the NA Servers too, now?

Why don’t you do the same ans the EU players? They were told that they can switch to another server and restart the game from 0.

Why should the NA ppl be treated any different?

Wbr, shnoopx

Maybe they are just waiting for more and more players to leave which would maybe decrease the amount of bots. As they add more measures in place and what not, then maybe a year or two from now, people will come back to the game if there are no other good games/bored/etc and the game hopefully will have stronger methods to counter bots.

Weeeeeeeeeee 6k queue

What servers are you guys logging into? Last week I was experiencing 4-5k queues at peak on bergstrom. But since the last couple of patches I havent experienced a single queue yet. Maybe the bots are flooding your servers or maybe your servers have the streamers or something so most of the players migrate to them.

Most likely valtan.

We had a good few weeks of little to no queue and then suddenly BOOM.

i want these bastarfs to burn. Hoping a short circuit happens and blows up every single one of their damn farming pcs

Come to EU west, we have opposite problem :grinning:

NA West is absolutely filled with bots… The last couple days after patch total players online was less than 300k that I saw… Bots back on its back up over 500K literally amount of players lines up EXACTLY with bot software getting updated and passed out…