Not Even Excited for the Update Anymore

Yoz Jar was the only thing I was excited for in the update. Spent money on the currency exchange to hopefully buy a piece or two when people put them up for sale. Now I’m out money and good costumes are cut from our version of the game. Just extremely disappointed.


Removing Yoz jar is the best decision they have made to date.


You actually wanted these cosmetically?

There’s so much better coming up. Hold your gold


Better than this
no man and meanwhile they re giving us the shittiest skins in the game xdddd


I wanted the Season 1 Deathblade one. Seriously, the one advertised in the banner on the forums here.

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not only skipping season 1 but also skipping season 2 of legendary skins
feels awful, and there is no good news for skins on the horizon


Removing content from the game = pat on the back


Go do some lottery ticket and you gonna be fine.

Removing a Gacha system is not removing content. There is nothing beneficial to the game itself that Yoz brings, it doesn’t add something exciting for you to do in the game itself. It’s a stand alone money sink that whales might enjoy and the average player will spend money they don’t have trying to get lucky.

It introduces a textbook predatory Gacha/Loot Box system that players can puke money into for some skins. These skins will make their way into the game in another method and the game will be all the better for not having this system around at all.


You got brainwashed by your streamer

To be honest, only Paladin skin looks good and the others are trash or average. But I dont want to pay 100-500 euro for 1 skin, so it doesnt matter. (yes you can buy it with gold, 200-500k/piece)

I wanted the Pala skin as well, look badass but i am sure AGS will bring this skins in the future. They need to change how to obtain them that’s all. They need time :slight_smile:

It’s not adding anything, it was already a part of the game. Removing things for the game makes this version inferior.

And yes, I like lootboxes. But guess what, the people who don’t are in the minority.


I’m a paladin main and that’s just bad.

Founder’s skins are 10x better, it’s just that they’re cheap.
If it was the other way around, people would go crazy.

Removing Yoz was amazing choice by AGS, loot boxes are predatory.


They have brought next to no skins to the game. I have 0 confidence the cut costumes will make their way into the game. The way its worded as not decided yet basically means that unsurprisingly they will not find time to discuss it and not bring it into the game.

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Copy paste take from a bald man

They’re gonna add the skins later and WITHOUT GACHA TRASH. Just be patient and wait, the instant gratification attitude from NA can be annoying at times. This is a change for the better and people still complain because they can’t have it NOW.

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That’s some mega copium my brother

So you don’t think they will add anything?