Not everyone has a fast internet speed

Everything is in the title.

Yesterday, 11 go, the download took 8 hours, considering the patch was announced, i’m fine with it.

But what about today ? 3.8 go unannounced, unexplained… and here i am waiting for another 2,5 hours.

I really hope in the future, you consider implemanting your next patches through smaller packages.

P.S: i love this game.

Geez bro what is your download speed… :sob::sob: I feel for you.

+1 on this.

Pretty silent from the CMs recently regarding downtime, extra patches, emergency fixes etc.

400 ko/s

I’m with 4G+ and I have less then 3GB, I guess I will have to wait my giga reset lmao

Yep was surprise with that to this morning… 3 hours to DL the 3.8gb… Tried to fined an explanation for this patch but nothing…

I dunno I feel bad you have slow internet but imagine if they didn’t update games because a few people have dialup still we’d be playing ping 2d or something lol

I mean that is purely a person issue you have though.