Not game feed back, but the forum is a shit show

Ok, so as there isn’t really anywhere else to post this, as the forum really is part of the game I’ll post it here.

But come on guys, the forum is just a massive free for all, shit show with no organisation at all. Split the recruitment into regions like EUCentral EUWest, etc.

Add in some better categories for game feedback aiming at certain mechanics, get more community mods involved, there are so many people that would happily help you manage this forum better.

The lack of organisation here, just shows the lack of organisation going right up to the top level. Don’t become like AWS, AGS, they are bad enough to deal with as it is.

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There is a tool available for self clean up at the bottom of every thread. I mute 90 percent of this garbage. It really does asssit in personal enjoyment of this venue when you can literally make the auties disapear!

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I understand all that mate.

But that doesn’t help in the larger picture, that is just helping the person themselves.

I.E. a new person looking for a guild, but to find one on in their region, they could be looking through 100+ posts if not more before they find one, they might not know how to use forums properly and the search functions that come with it.

For a game of this size, some formal organisation is better than none. It doesn’t have to super complex, but it can make life easier for the player base, community mods and those involved in developing the game.

Vendo empanadas

Yeah they cant even put dev posts in laguage categories… when i go to forum and check for news and click dev tracker i have to go through hundreds of spanish, german, french and what not post just to find a roxx post… this is so dumb i feel like im beeing trolled by the cms almost…