Not knowing is the worst part

I think the worst part about this whole EU situation is we simply don’t know what (if anything) is being done to correct the multitude of errors in the game.

Today my friendship group playing the game consisting of 5 people were discussing what are we actually going to do, continue to play on a server where you can only get in if you log in at 6am and stay logged in for the rest of the day - and then when you do get on you cannot do group content together or go to another server and have wasted a cumulative 600+ hours gameplay (and in a few cases the £40 worth of founder pack gems that have already been spent)

I was in the camp of ‘lets stay on this server and see how it goes’ - but then the argument was brought up ‘well…what is their answer to fixing it?’. I simply didn’t have an answer, I see posts about it left, right and center and the general response from anyone official seems to be “It’s not coded to be fixed like that” accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders.

We asked if we could transfer servers: “Code isn’t setup for that”
We asked if we could copy characters: “Code isn’t setup for that”
We asked if we could get boost tickets for characters we already had: “Code isn’t setup for that”

Okay. So I’m asking…what is the code setup for? Is there a solution? What are the options you are pursuing? How long will it take for those options to materialize? Weeks, Months, Never?. We really need some kind of notification to say if it is worth our time sitting in these queues, playing solo - in the hope there is actually some answer at the end of this. Or are we just slamming our head into a brick wall and are better to cut our losses and move to EUW and lose everything we have worked for in the hope of playing an MMO with friends?

Not knowing is the worst part…I would prefer you just tell us if there isn’t an answer.


I’m in the exact same situation with my friends right now. We don’t want to have to lose progress (They’re 50+ and I’ve farmed shit tons of Adventurer Tome items) but it seems the only answer to EUC right now from Amazon is to wait till people leave and the numbers go down, which makes us think maybe moving to EUW is the best idea, but then what if lots of people do stop playing and EUW ends up a barren region. Also what if when (or if) they finally compensate for the disaster that is EUC and ONLY give it to current EUC players and the people who suffered the same problems and chose to move to EUW because Amazon said it was the only solution get shafted on that front too.

There just isn’t enough information to make an informed decision on what to do and it’s infuriating because now part of me doesn’t want to even continue on my EUC character in the meantime because I’ll hit the end-game matchmaking wall


People love this game and they waiting many many years to get this game and realeses, All says never going euw. They Should be FIX THE SERVER QUEUES now, but when THIS HAPPENS ? NO IDEA. What they doing, wee dont now.

So, maybe quick breakdown of what and how it happened:

Lost Ark has extremely archaic architecture, no server transfer, no sharding, no megaservers, nothing. That’s on Smilegate not AGS, but it’s not really anybody’s “fault”. Small, self-contained servers works fine in Korea with 200k-300k players, but they’re just not viable in NA/EU launch in current day and age.

AGS knows (or at least they should) about that. They also have numbers for the founder packs sold and how big hype there was around the game. Granted, sizeable chunk of founder pack purchases were made close to launch, but trend was obvious for weeks if not months prior.

Even knowing all of this, someone, somewhere made decision to give EU only 1 region and less servers than NA, despite it having 1.5-2 times bigger population (depending whether or not you also want to account for african players who always get shafted and have to play with us). Was it incompetence or greed to do EU as cheap as possible? Dunno, probably some mix of both.

Head start begins, multiple EU servers are already overloaded, surprised_pikachu.jpg. F2P launch comes, everything burns.

Technical staff has no idea what to do, so they’re shooting from the hip, going back and forth, hoping that something’s gonna help. CMs are used by the company as human shields against the outrage and constantly repeating variation of “we are aware of problems, out team is looking into it” for over a week now in attempt to control the damage, resulting in CMs losing credibility.

Pretty much everything they say and do now is just to buy them time and stall until 25th to see if Elden Ring will take some heat off of them. In reality, right now only ways to fix the issues is to implement some form of server transfer or wait until hype dies down and enough people leave the game. I think we know what’s gonna happen first.

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