Not reasonable, i can transfer valton item tripot to my body

I just finish my valton hard mode, i use around 10 hours. and when i get my first valton item, i want to do the tripot transfer.
when i open tripot transfer page , i see is have upgrade from my bag item to my body item, i didt realize is the valton item in my bag. so i press transfer, when i want to save tripot and transfer to my valton item, i just realize is used my valton item tripot transfer to my body item.
is not reasonable, you should mention me is not a chaos item, because when i get tripot system, i always transfer from my bag to my body. i didt realize this item is wearable.
i want to get my valton i item back,because 1 week i only can get 1 item,and is use my 10 hours to finish this raid, time is money

This is why you should lock item. Happened to me too on my last argos set. Now I have to wait till next week in order to attempt again. It sucks but it’s my own fault for not reading.

Hi @zy439535204 thanks for your feedback! As your post was originally made in the French-speaking category, I’m moving it to the English-speaking one, thank you! :slight_smile: