Not receiving my starter pack


I purchased a Lost Ark Vanquisher starter pack but i didn’t receive it.
I tried relogging, still not there. I know i’m supposed to be claiming it in the top left corner.
Please someone, look into this. DLC is added to LOST Ark, i can see it there.

Account name: yoran​sz​
Invoice: 5108773998731882926


i did the same thing and mine didnt show for a while, then i got a notification after many hours, but it didnt appear when i opened that tab, the next day that was gone again… so yh i have nothing either, i hope this gets fixed, thats a massive amount of wasted money, absolutely insane.

edit: on log-in now it actually showed, maybe its fixed

Hi @yoran_schulte9 and @Lillje, welcome to the Lost Ark community! :wave:

Thank you for posting your concern in our forums!

Please Verify Integrity of Game Files on Steam, after that restart the game and check if your starter packs are available.
If the issue persists, please contact our support for them to check on your inventory and file a ticket on your behalf.

Hope this helps!

Enjoy your trip in Arkesia! :sparkles: :elf: