Not so ALT Friendly

You are treating this like it’s about you. Trying broading your opinion to include how everyone else playing the game might be dealing with.

Yeah sure I also don’t care about my 1415 DB who’s just a placeholder for AYAYA. That’s because you and I have omega rosters that farm us lots of gold every week.

Lots of players aren’t where we are. Especially newer players trying to get an alt roster like ours nowadays.

The point of this is yes, it does make a difference when you are trying to find a party still skuffed and building that alt up vs someone who just GVG’d 50 bucks and now has 200k to invest into the alt.

yes obviously but the new players as well as yourself are acting like its doomed and impossible to play the content normally just because they didn’t start in february or buy gold when theres a ton of parties that simply don’t give a shit if you’re a mega whale or started yesterday

Could you imagine explaining that to a brand new player excited to try Lost Ark?

Well first, you skip T1/2. It’s gone now, don’t worry about it. All the stuff you might need from there for your horizontal content? Yeah, just don’t worry about it anymore.

Next, you express pass yourself to 1370. You’ll have no idea what your buttons do, how to actually play the game, but that’s ok queue into Yoho. Oh you’re getting screamed at and kicked from the party because you have no Engravings? That’s unfortunate.

See if you can pay someone 300g to run you through Oreha and then 900-1500g to run you through Argos. You want to do it yourself? Sorry not likely. Don’t worry though paying the bus you’ll still make gold in the end, just a little less.

Now build a skuffed set of legendary gear. Yes it matters if your stats are perfect. Why? Because the gatekeepers of the game will deny you entry into every single thing in PartyFinder if not. Oh, your first Oreha/Argos was all Endurance and Domination with nothing that works with your Class Engraving? That’s unfortuate.

Any Pheon you might have dump into RNG cutting a 6/6 stone. No not any stone, a specific one thats for your class. Oh you failed 10 stones and ran out of Pheon? That’s unfortunate.

Yes I know you still don’t really understand how to play, since you never had any kind of foundation at all. Here, go read MaxRoll and watch YouTube for a few days, that should help.

Ok great, now burn every mat you come across from chaos/guardian into trying to get to 1415.


Oh sweet you finally got to 1415 and Legion Raids? Ok now buy a bus for the next 3 months since there is no shot your skuffed 2x3 +2 with double malice character will get accepted into a Party to try the fight out normally. Hopefully you’ll get a decent drop to sell so you can start bettering your character…

Yes I know you’ve been trying to at least 3x3 but haven’t had any luck with accessories and cannot afford more Pheon to cut stones. That’s unfortunate.

While you’re at it repeat the steps above on as many alts as you can mentally withstand repeating the exact same content on every day. They’ll help you earn gold once they’re done costing you gold.

I mean let me know if I missed anything, but that pretty much sums up the new player experience right there. If you are a new player in Lost Ark today, do you honestly feel they are going to have a fun, enjoyable gaming experience the same way we had at launch?

I’m not trying to be a doomer, but things in game are pretty terrible right now even for us well off players. Think how it would be for you right now to restart with nothing and rebuild your current roster over again? That personally sounds horrible.

l hated t1 and t2 and would’ve had a more pleasant time with the game if it didn’t exist.

l hated pre-argos and getting more alts to that same ilvl and would’ve had a more enjoyable time with the game if express passes were released at launch. l’ve complained countless times about it not being an option and how l would gladly just power/express pass every single character if l had the option.

l just matchmade my orehas and argos p1s and those still pop just fine even today. p1 not so much anymore since its a buy a p3 bus unless you’re a weirdo meta

this is the same for launch starters as well?

my alts outside of main 6 use what they find and have no issues getting the proper combat stats?

how does this differ from what we had to do? l didn’t play other regions so l referenced guides so l’m less grief

so basically the same thing l had to do without doing infinite chaos for 8 hours a day to save gold since honing mats weren’t basically free in comparison. sounds like fun

answered this already.

welcome to korean mmos. l don’t walk into a mcdonalds and expect a michelin star restaurant, l expect a mcdonalds to be a mcdonalds

This right here is a huge problem when it comes to this game

Forget the wonderful horizontal content this game provides

Rapport system where you get to know and interact with characters closely, along with some neat rewards

All the collectables with enough RNG to keep you going (sailing events are garbage though, give us flotsam already)

Sailing to places and listening to the music, still giving you a sense of wonder, along with upgrading your boats and even getting Astray

Collecting skill point potions to make your character better, along with runes, stat potions and virtue potions

Card collecting to not only complete sets but upgrade anything besides LoS or LwC for those neat % bonuses

Your Stronghold which you can level up and decorate, along being able to add Rapport characters with neat costumes too

…but the game is only good when you get your first character to Valtan

Forget Oreha or Argos, pure garbage

Only good when you do 1 raid a week until you get another alt up

Only good when you can get denied from parties for not being good enough and not being high ilvl enough to get into a “good” guild

And the cherry on top where you finally get to Valtan… only to die and watch as everyone else beats the raid for you because they’re much more knowledgeable at this point and won’t restart for you to be alive again

I know there’s counter auguments to some points I made, but it still stands

Telling new players that Legion Raids are the only reason worth playing is very bad for player retention in the long term and people need to stop

All it does is give new players FOMO ontop of feeling they need to pay a lot of money to “catch up” which shouldn’t be the case

I do place blame on SG for this (and honestly they just need to convert all T1 and T2 content to T3 HP and difficulty levels and be done with it)

But we as a community need to start being realistic as well

And I don’t have high hopes for that one bit


T1/2 was probably the best this game had content wise. There was what felt like an endless amount of things to explore, lots of unique One and Done islands, the Guardians updated frequently as you honed. Everyone kept telling you just wait T3 is so good.

T3 was shit. You enter into T3, if you were actually trying to play the game in T2 all your accessories were trashed (not everyone tried to just zerg for T3). You wore absolute garbage while you grinded out a horrible deadzone until 1370. Only then could you finally start to build out a decent T3 character.

After that T3 is killing 1 of 3 guardians every day and a weekly raid lockout. That’s it. There is nothing else to it. They dropped all outside content to go all in on Legion Raids, which while fun to learn have become just as boring a chore as a Guardian clear now.

I guess you and I Just seen the game differently.

To each their own man

Exactly. All the things that made this actually feel like a game. Unique things to do. An actual enjoyable gaming experience. I loved the horizontal content, because it was a break from the content loop that started 12 hours into starting the game after finishing NV and continues on still today.


That’s all LA is in T3.


so hone to calventus then run calventus until you can fire turtle then hone until you can do alberhestic? people hated vertus, people hated flame fox yoho, people hated tytalos, people hated achates, people hated levanos. early content was a shit show that people just cried about because it was “too hard” or needed a nerf since it made chores too much of a nuisance.

yeah islands and horizontal content don’t interest me. l did my skill points, bifrost key, wei card and moved on from the garbage to do something that actually contributed to something of value to me

t3 is basically the same as t1/t2 just with extremely plateaud progression. its the same boring guardian fights and either onto the next alt or go do a raid or log off.

normal raids weren’t made to be difficult since they’d only cause problems similar to what clown is doing now. its easy with enough brain cells but for the average player its demoralizing and makes them dislike the game and content. if they make it too easy people more experienced lost interest, if they make it too hard, casuals lose interest. its impossible to satisfy everyone

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Yeap, the horizontal content is what kept me playing because no other game has a system like it

The Rapport system (while silly when you think about it like seriously dude I’ve played this song for you for 2 weeks in a row now and you still love hearing it lol) was just wonderful, and the side story quests are amazing to see play out

I’m at the point where my horizontal journey is winding down until Rowen comes out, and I miss it so much

The whole point of both is to have horizontal stuff to do inbetween your vertical and change things up so you don’t get bored (plus also doing other things and playing other games like the devs encourage you to lol)

But a lot of people shit on it and it makes me sad


sorry? now its the best fucking time to be a new player because in 2 months or 3 you would get so much fucking more than we got that start of launch in the same period of time, are you this delusional? someone now catches up easily and can play the fucking legions raids, they bypass the 1340-1370 and 1370-1415 veeery easily now compared to us before, are you this delusional i ask you again? in 4 months a new player that plays moderately or semihardcore can get more than we got in 6-7 months or more wtf.

You just described the solution. Use an argos accessory then. It’s not RMT causing inflation it’s basically you guys trying to deck out your 4th characters.

yea its marathon in MMOs but i want to start going instead of sitting for month combining how to start :stuck_out_tongue:
la is more of a treadmill imo.

Most of them get confused what to do, when they hit the point where they have no inventory space because cards are taking them up.

Tell a new player to save gold and buy blue crystals? tell them to use real money? tell them they have to create an alt for now to pass the items to those, when they’re still starting out and still going through the story on their first character?

treadmill is easier to start than a marathon so i dont understand that analogy.

well yes and no
first of you need to have that trademill in home, good one dont come cheap, then you need to know what you are doing to not hurt yourself :slight_smile:
and its boring after 5 mins

while to start marathon you just go out and run, will you finish it on day one? no
but thats my analogy :slight_smile:

tried many games, there is “something” in each that try to hook you up unhealthy way, prolly why i bounce up on most pretty fast, LA is one of worst games i get my hope up for, which is sad cause it have its nice things and could be potentially one of the best with “cuple” “minor” tweaks :wink:

Not so alt friendly I can’t agree on that. It is alt friendly.

You only need to buy the engraving books once and you have it on all your alts to equip them cheaper.
If you don’t make alts to 5x3 then it’s alt friendly and you don’t need 5x3. Don’t know why people still think that.

i can get my alt being weaker in games, its somewhat normal its why they are alts not mains usually :slight_smile:
question is about what kind of diferences we are talking about cause if its 5-30% and you just do chaos raids then thats fine but if it 3-5x and you want to farm valtan or something simmilar then we are starting to have a problem, it may be not even problem to you but it also criple whole group :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

was been a bit slower at argos relese than pelethon and 3-4 weeks after it relese when ppls started to catch up or playing it with alts maybe it started to be paralimpic on finder

question is if that should be a factor at all and does it feel right to jump from powerhorse to 3 leged mule on daily basis to do your, more or less, mandatory activities

take in consideration that its economy based on drop chances, general avalibility and demand (with obligatory whailing required to not go into oblivion but thats different topic), so it can be pretty easy changed if someone would want to do so

Its because there is to many illegal gold in the game and to many bots that build more gold every day. Inflation doesn’t stop as long as gold gets printed in an unhealthy way like we have currently. Bots creating Hundrets of MILLIONs. That makes the game more or less unplayable since you have to pay more and more and more for items, that shouldn’t be that overpriced.

Oh you’ll get into a valtan party with barely any struggle. What you won’t get into is a Vykas party. I’ve come to the conclusion that Vykas is probably easier than Valtan. Why? Because your HP pool doesn’t matter in Valtan. It’s probably a hot take, but Valtan is more punishing than Vykas to me at this point lmfao.

200 to 300k is not unreasonable at all for a one time buy end game upgrade. It’s not something you’re supposed to get in one week.

A 1445 roster is ~60k a week from raids alone.

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Valtan is much easier (g2) than any of the vykas gates imo, since in Vykas you rely on your team to not screw up or you die.