Not so ALT Friendly

It was always like that and it’s … normal ? You’re working on your final build while doing so, it’s not some temporary confort purchase.

It feels like you guys just want everything with no effort. Just look at LVL 10 gems, books are free in comparison.

And no matter how easy they make 1415, 1445, 1490 hones…thats 1/4 of what you actually need to perform.

You need levels, you need skillpoints, you need runes, you need tripods, you need acessories, you need cards.
All of these require a gargantuan amount of time or gold, sometimes both.

No matter how easy they make the process of reaching a raid…that doesn’t mean that anyone can perfrom them well.


Being alt friendly is just a myth.
Alts are mandatory in this game, but the game is not alt friendly.

THe books will be more common as our gear levels get into the 1500s. They were MENT to be rare. Blame the players for the gatekeeping and “requiring” 5x3 builds. NOTHING in the game requires 5x3 and the strength of 5x3 is also only a PORTION of a players power (gems, tripods, ilvl also are major factors). Its the PLAYERS who’s caused the problem. Legendary works work pretty much like the previous tiers of books where as you went up in gear, it slowly transitioned from green to blue to purple and now to gold.

Of course, I already paid to have 5 alt 1415 4x3+1. Mixing heirloom and legendary is easy. You only change a stone, or two earrings and that’s it. I’m not going to pay 12k a week for books. The healers already have enough to do vikas 1430. The dps is silly to raise them more, because any one-armed whale that preferred to do a normal viakas in 1505 will pass by.

Ya’ll tag teaming me here.

It’s exactly the same, it just felt like the game was more alive back then. There was more exploration and little things to do. Also the older Abyss dungeons still had some mechanical challenges to them, good enough for new players to get a feel for the game. On or close to ilvl Phantom Palace and Gate of Paradise had enough mechanics to make them interesting.

Again you and I just like different things from our games is all, I enjoy the horizontal so I got more out of the game prior to the T3 needle like vertical progression path that exists now.

It’s what kept me interested as well homie :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s easier to catch up to 1415 now, at the expense of your skill potions, any foundation towards learning how to play and into an extremely inflated market that will not be able to afford anything in. An experienced player starting fresh right now might have an alright time, but a new player with no prior knowledge of the game… no.

100%. There is an unlimited flood of throw away accounts injecting gold into the economy with little to nothing being done about it. I never said I had a problem with books being 200k, only that it’s painful to grind out the gold to buy them :stuck_out_tongue:

Explain that to @Leonorasblade for me :slight_smile:

This game is about as player / alt friendly as a stick jabbed directly into your eyeball.


Fun fact about Legendary books. Koreans were getting them from abyssals in Tier 1. They had access to legendary books 2 years before they got their first legion commander raid. Means that they had so much head start collecting books and cards that we will never be able to catch up unless they start injecting our regions with selection packs and free books.


do you hear yourself here? they waited fucking 2 damn years there, people here in the trash west would quit instantly if they had to farm all those books aaaand ONLY THEN have access to legion raids, none here has that amount of patience although we move really fast through content.

now you get the books waaaaay faster and with legion raids too than how the koreans got their books back then.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

this week i have only done guardian raids and chaos dungeons once with rested and i still have more rested but I can’t be bothered to do it.

Even legion raids I haven’t done any apart from my Sorc that needs the relics. All my other 3 characters have full relics and i just can’t be bothered to deal with Legion raid parties any more on those characters


I’ve had runs where g2 and g3 vykas have been completed with people dead before the mechanics. The only gate that requires everyone to be alive is g1 vykas.

Uh this game is going to copy KR. If it’s in KR, we will get it. If it’s not in KR, we won’t get it.

All of this will not get better. It will get worse.


This is a Korean ‘MMO’, made for Asians by Asians for their Asian target market with gacha & mobile tricks. There is no need to think about it, that is simply the idea of the whole game, and it is not by a mistake. Otherwise game is pretty bare bone for grinders/hardcore. Not surprising since before Legion Raid/Maple drama the game was considered a ‘joke’. Our version can be considered a joke with whole bot/rmt stuff going on since launch too.

Economy/gearing lies on players. Players we have fewer of and will always have less distributed across different regions. Nothing will change in this area, a different mentality of most wanted casual/semi invested gamers, which are lacking in our version. Particularly as the Korean server also has its problems recently becoming more and more noticeable.

So my advice is don’t worry, play along until Brel comes out, watch how Theamine comes out in Korea and whether it will bring T4 after. Of course, I’m joking with T4, they will milk T3 for as long as their fanboys/whales let them.

Bunch of crying babies in this thread… 4x3x2 or 4x3x1 is enough… make sure ur main is juice everything else can progress slowly. I get by just fine… everything is 5x3 except the two supports and the Artil (waiting for update) and DB obviously. Oh you’re getting gate keep because 4x3x1 or 4x3x2? Make your own party… join a guild. I’m all for complaining but this is nonsense

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Imagine wanting alts to be 5x3.

Strong as your main.

Good one dude

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you learn on your main 5x3 and then you improve your skill to clear on 4x3… if you get gatekept… make your own alt group

someone with an IQ… you are rare.

You dont need legendary books for every class. just get grudge books and then do epic books for the class u want and you can get 5x3 with that. the thing that fucks you when gearing alts is the PHEONS! 20k per alt just to be able to buy accessories? are you serious? i have 11 characters and only 3 have decent engravings. its idiotic

it is simple just get an NPC that grant you a limit of purchaseable book (untradable) per week at X price fix that will balance back the market. So simple yet so lazy from developer to even do it. But im not surprise as it took them sooooooo long to fix the clock bug.