Not sure this is how you run an Argos bus

maybe this for luxury ppl that 1415 cant clear argos

ok thats kinda funny

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Why? Its a Gate 3 carry.

People sometimes forget to change the require item level, happens. Weird post from op lmao.

Because P3 Argos requires 1400 ilvl and people joining the bus would usually be 1370 alts. They set requirement for joining/applying at 1415 which is way beyond what you need for P3 even in a normal clear.

Thats a joke right? :stuck_out_tongue:

found the busser :rofl:

well ye, it’s free income?..
I am not sure what’s your issue.

I’m just curious how you forget to change ilvl req when the default one is 1370 for when you create Argos group. Were you coming straight from Normal Valtan bus or something?

It’s automatically set to 1415 for some reason :skull:

or was it 1400, not particularly sure, I believe those individuals might’ve created the party first without the idea of bussing.

Nah. When you create Argos group the lowest possible ilvl is given as default which is 1370 since you do all 3 phases in the same run. 1415 default would be Normal Valtan.

p3 argos carry, but the passengers need to be 1415. Are they doing this on top of Valtan’s tower?