Not the usual power pass question

Hi, im on one region so i would like to know, since i want to make a character in another region, if i can use power pass on a new character ( i know they are unavailable atm) considering i dont have any other character above 1302 item level for example, is there no requirements to use a power pass? The one i can buy to get me straight to punika with 1302gs. @Roxx

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @proszz, welcome to the Lost Ark forums,

Thank you for reaching out regarding your question, power passes can only used in regions where they were unlocked or gained.

Let me know if that cleared your question! :slight_smile:


Im pretty sure there is a option to buy a power pass for 5000 something royal crystals right?

yeah but its currently disabled by devs and being work on. its been 2 weeks. no news nothing on when it will be back. im also waiting :frowning: my char is stuck @ lvl 17 and cant do a daym thing

@proszz yes there is!

Just make sure to get it on the region you want to use it on! :slight_smile:


You will need to have a character that has already reached eg: Punnika and completed quest/storyline there, to use a Punika pass.

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@proszz as @Destiny1 Indicated you need to fulfill this requisite.

@Amosroy is also right, currently they are disabled.

Thank you for your understanding.

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The prerequesite that destiny1 is only for the punika powerpass that the game gives us after the quests or also the powerpasses that we buy?

Punika pass was an example… all powerpasses are the same.

I think the whole reason for a powerpass is so that you can get your alt’s up to the level of your main so that your alts can farm for your main… Thats how I see it anyway.
Not so that you can skip a whole lot of content… Smilegate doesnt cater for that I am afraid.

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