Not to be rude but.. these disconnects

are you not ashamed that no one is fixing this as soon as possible?

like come on… 2 weeks and ongoing disconnects, unplayable to do raiids when each second a new player can DC… some players are paying for items in game with their money and you threat them like garbage.

… please work on it and fix it before the weekend or fire people that are not helping when they should thank you


1 lucky guy doesn’t disconnect says “update your drivers” meanwhile half of lost ark players are disconnecting and this guy says never disconnected sure your name fits you right


Yep were in Chaos got Boss Portal and server dc now server is under maintenance…

dont feed the never-disconnectors, let’s just call them nedis!

you in asta ?


(post deleted by author)

they restarted the servers

i know doesnt change the fact that i lost my chaos entrance + a boss portal and my ghost ship entrance

yah that sucks

Why are you complaining?
The game is free to play.

It is very likely they downgraded the servers and thus we’re experiencing quota limits on AH, disconnections as they cannot handle that much traffic anymore.


If a person puts money into a game they suspect stable servers to play and enjoy, if you have raids were each 5min one player dc for 6mins that means you’re not having a fun.

no fun = people leave no people = no game

yes we complain stop trolling.

but the name says enough

You do not understand.
They pissed so much the playerbase I am not surprised things stopped working.

players already leaving = less revenue = servers run on lower tier = quality of game decreases
and the cycle repeats.

Call me whatever you want.
Your name is a random smash on a keyboard so at this point I think you are NPC or even worse, bot.

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you know why there is less people?
Cause actually EU/NA cant figure Out to Beat Nerfed content. Guides doesnt matter cuz they cant even listen, the whole week doest matter what type of raid you do you allways land in some random jail. even people with titles fail often.

so what happens if you cant beat nerfed content ? it either gets nerfed again or the player quits :slight_smile: thats what happend to brel they nerfed her now in KR with what ever explaination behind it but the fact is, its cause EU is crying.

  • you have these consistant server issues were you rather throw up multiple times than tying to log in and play.

Plot twist: they nerfed content so much everyone can do it and in order to gatekeep people & make elitists happy AGs DC random players inside dungeon.

She was nerfed at least 5 times for the KR before you even heard about the last one.

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doesnt matter that they still cleared her unnerfed.

and now even one shot attacks dont one shot anymore.

They’re not one shotting because they have akkan gear and their max ilvl is 1655.

Believe it or not, we’re better than them, their top streamers failed argos on the west when it released.

We cleared deathless hell vykas in few hours.


lmao you people @IceCreamTruck and @Yukie_Ichiban come to a post of fix server people disconnect to brag of raids and who did it or didnt do it and if its nerf or needs more nerfs.

yikes, this game so bad and lost ark may be blessed for having people like you guys to support them for life. ahahaha just like dc universe online.

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Dont say sorry, they have been so incompetent at at least trying to fix this problem that is ongoing for 2 months. It is like it’s not a priority. They do need to fix this asap.