Not using potions should be punished!

Have you read up? i literally showed you how to get pots cheaper than crafting. Use Mari’s shop, is cheaper than crafting.

Whiny post XD i guess ur one of those who say “alts dont pot” and other bs like that. Please if don’t have anything productive to say or a sollution to all the dumasses then go back to your holiday.

“Random people that don’t play like I want them to should be banned”. Solid logic. I don’t see any flaws.

it’s a team game

how about you go into league of legends and tell people “your method” of playing is to just run down middle over and over. it doesn’t matter if the winrate for your strategy is 2% that’s just how YOU want to play

you can’t ban ppl for playing different right?

yeah i don’t see any flaws…

A LoL player figures :clown_face:

The point of the post is that u make it harder on yourself and ur teamates by beeing a cheap ass.

Not really. Use pots when souls are over is more than fine. If you need to use pots at all you should just learn to dodge attacks instead. Can’t really remember last time I had to use a potion in Guardians at all.

then how is this thread relevant to you

why are you even here

Nowdays, i no longer hunt igrexion i just simply sent the ship. Save lot of headache.