Note Recieved Punika powerpass

Hi there first time posting on the fourms, I just completed the quest line for Berver’s Friend and haven’t received my Powerpass. When I Press J for my Journal it shows up as completed. Any help would be much appreciated. I completed it on the character I’m currently using for the hyper express event. I asked in game chat and people said it would be sent to my main. Upon checking my main it also hasn’t had mail received. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there @Absorbentsolid Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Sorry to hear you still haven’t received your free Punika Powerpass, please let me know the name of your main character and the name of the character you completed the Berver’s Friend quest on, as well as the server these characters are on too so I can investigate further!

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Thanks for the speedy response, All of the characters are on the Zinnervale server Central EU My main Character is “Drfatal” Bard and the character i completed it on is Aroncain.

Many thanks

Sorry for the wait @Absorbentsolid After checking on your account, I can see that out of the 3 total free Punika Powerpasses that have been given out this year, 3 free Punika Powerpasses have been claimed in the Zinnervale roster, which means you might have already claimed and used the most recent free Punika Powerpass which is the one included with the Feast with Friends update. Keep in mind this recent free Powerpass was intended to cover both the releases of the Reaper and Summoner classes, so another Powerpass was not included in the Wreck the Halls release.


Excellent thank you for letting me know. Have a great day.