Nothing interesting to do

I really want to play my character but there’s nothing to do pve-wise. Every day is the same, log in do 2 mindless chaos dungeons. Do 3 mindless Una dailies. Guardian raids are at least challenging, so I don’t mind doing that. But after that, there’s nothing more to do. Everyday, after playing for 30 to 60 mins, there’s nothing more for me to do on my character. Abyssal dungeons are the most fun I have, but even those are limited to once per week.

There’s always collect-a-thon, rapport, sailing, etc, but combat is the main reason I play this game, and none of those things have combat.

I have alts but I don’t enjoy playing them. In other games, I like playing one class, getting bored of it, then trying new classes. But sadly, doesn’t feel like I can do this in Lost Ark.

Anyone else have this problem?


That’s a good thing

You can do all your content in less than 2 hours and enjoy the rest of your life.

Some people here complain there’s too much to do and they can’t have a life.

Play at your own pace


I wish i did this instead of making 4 alts .

So MMORPG is not your genre, got it.

Play something else.

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It all depends on how and how much you play:
How many characters do you have? Cause I have 4 right now that I actively play.

  • Dailies on all 4 every day realistically with 3 Una’s tasks on each every day.
  • Weekly quests on whichever characters I feel but mostly just Boss Rushes on alts that get tickets and 3 weeklies on main
  • Farming Omnium Stars that I’m missing still for Skill Pots / Legendary Wealth Rune
  • Field Boss (daily when up), Chaos Gate (daily when up), Ghost Ship weekly on main, Adventure Island every day it’s up.
  • Una’s tasks include Azure Wind Isle and Tooki Island for Giant’s Hearts Reputation rewards, Una’s tasks also include Alakkir spawn on 4 characters at the same time.
  • Finding any ways to get the missing Skill Pots that I don’t have because that’s the REAL end-game NOT your ilvl as skill points allow you to get more power specially with Level 11 and 12 on skills at Character Levels 55 and 60.

But I guess there’s nothing to do. :man_shrugging:

  • Forgot to add running ALL unlocked Abyssal dungeons EVERY WEEK on ALL characters possible including 340 on my T3 main and alts just because they have a 3% chance of dropping Legendary Cards.
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  • Download the game
  • Speedrun as fast as possible to level 50
  • Skip all cutscenes, skip all horizontal content
  • Skip as much progression related content that doesn’t directly increase item level
  • Progress item level as fast as possible and not care about anything else
  • Complain about anything in the way of this item level progression
  • Reach a very high item level
  • Complain about lack of content

Basically Lost Ark flowchart was in place before it was released.

Abyssals can be done once a week per character, you wonder why there’s a weekly limit of 6 despite you not meeting that on your character? This was a roster limit because KR used to run 24 of these abyssal dungeons a week. Now you can do it 6 times. Meanwhile you are complaining because you are only doing it once.

Take out collect-a-thon and rapport.

Sailing actually gets you materials and stuff for your vertical progression, this isn’t a side venture, its actually a daily thing you are missing out on. Same with world boss and chaos gate and ghost ship. You are missing out on some things in this game that are combat, event, group, coop and/or boss fight related.

All of that is vertical progression and people are so busy mindlessly restricting themselves to just chaos dungeon and guardians and una. You do ONLY those 3 if you don’t have time to do everything else.


I kind of agree with OP. I don’t have as much time to play as of the last week and I only have been finding myself able to do chaos dungeons and guardians cause tats what I HAVE to do on my characters and the game is quite boring when that’s all you do. I’m honestly kind of on the verge of looking for another game to play. Kind of highlights how poor the game is at it’s fundamentals

Yeah, I’m on the verge of looking for a new game too. Sucks cause I really like the combat, and want to play more. But, as I said, apart from doing guardian raids and the weekly abyssal dungeons, the content isn’t challenging and interesting enough for me to do.

The main issue I have with alts is repeating stuff that I’ve already done on my main. It’s nothing new. It quickly takes the fun away from the game and starts feeling like a chore. Especially having to pay a lot of gold to do knowledge transfers to avoid doing the story for the 5th time again.

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Today was the first day where I actually ran out of things to do. Currently I have 3 characters in t3 and 1 in t2. I have done all adventure tomes to 80% and I have collected about 1103 seeds. I really wanted to keep playing but I just cant bring myself to do infinite chaos dungeons. Its way too tedious. Im not interested in making more alts because I dont like any of the other currently available classes, and im not interested in rolling duplicate character classes.

Really want to try argos, but it seems like even after 3 weeks of doing literally everything I can do squeeze resources out of the game its just not enough, and im still 10 ilvl away from trying it out. Very frustrating.

On the bright side now I finally feel like I have time to try out elden ring! Before today I never had the chance to put down the game. Hopefully future content is a bit more fulfilling because right now the endgame really does feel hollow as hell.

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I spent 4 hours today doing islands… on ALTS >.< , yesterday i legit forgot to do unas and anguished on my main cause of random island and unas shiz on alts lol. I do understand if you only have a main and maybe 1 alt tho. This game is crazy about alts to the extreme and if i was just playing 1 char it would be 45 mins to an hour and done all but a couple days a week.

Hate to break it to you, but aside from later weekly raids, that’s kind of your daily activity within this game.

Have you tried repeating the same tasks daily on as many toons as possible??? Repetition is the key to this game! You can’t be bored doing the same task 12+ times a day! Are you repeating everything on all your alts??? 2 chaos, 2 guardian, and 3 dailies with 6 character slots they give you. If you still find yourself with time to spare you can buy more character slots.


Hope you give it another chance when Legion Raids come out

Weird there is limited things to do when there is only one raid out

But there is also a million things for horizontal progression as well as alts, so you just dont enjoy or want to do other things than the bare minimum on one character?

This is your problem. Ive seen this posted 900 times already by other people that raced to endgame thinking this was world of warcraft or something. I partially blame the streamers telling everyone to skip everything and go straight to the end to gear up. This game isnt solely about gearing up for end game raiding and dungeons. This game(at least in its current state) is mostly about collecting to build your character and account up. If thats not fun for you, you should quit, because its not going to get any better. In fact, its going to get worse, because when they do start releasing endgame, people will start judging you based on your collections. If you have no stat and skill pots, cards, or any of the other buffs, youre gonna get denied because your damage is too low/youre not a valuable addition to a party

This. This comment should be stickied. All day everyday people keep posting that theyre bored and have nothing to do. I would love to see their stats because I bet its hilarious


For me I just do the daily grinds, save the mats for a class I actually want to play, to release.
And pvp. Lots of pvp.

Not a 100%'er, gatherer, mokoko’er etc.

Just want to be able to play the class I want to, and I can’t.


You can do horizontal content like collectibles, which gives you very valuable runes and extra skill points that you cannot buy with real money. Also Chaos Dungeons and arena PvP are infinite content. I’m not a PvP person but it’s very well made. When some players lose they’re toxic af so I kind of stay away from PvP for now but if you like PvP it’s very well made system. It’s kind of like League ARAM mode except better because it’s way more balanced and there is no snow rolling since there is no gear or levels involved. Arena PvP is almost like a completely different game. I’ve played many other mmo games in my life and it’s actually good that you don’t have to play the game all day to have a decent progress. Call me weird but I love doing infinite Chaos Dungeon while I kinda watch something on another computer or while listening to something.

Aside from those two things. Skill points and runes the rest of the horizontal content is a minuscule dps gain.

And you can’t rush or grind cards.

Keep in mind that mokoko seeds don’t really give you value for your time. But many things for skill point and resources do (i.e. Tower completions, Islands, Skill Point quests).

Telling people to collect mokoko seeds or do rapport are terrible methods to get someone doing horizontal stuff. A lot of OTHER horizontal stuff actually and immediately DO contribute to your vertical progression and people overlook it.