Nothing more than a con this game

Rigged to failure

Progression system with numbers and percentages that mean nothing

Addictions for gambling

Gold sink systems deliberatly made to take you into the bankruptcy

Pointless engravings and bonus stats with no purpose in game other than to make rng chance of a sellable item in your lifetime on game almost 0 chance

The further you push the less it gives you and your own bank card is the true endgame progression

Fuck this game

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You’re wrong.
We have 820k players that disagree.
We will soon reach 1M PLAYERS, BECAUSE LOST ARK IS GOOD!!!

700k bots

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Well according to shareholders. Those are players.

Imagine believeing 820k players lol there mostly bots mate… everyone’s quitting who are real players

Imagine thinking his post was actually serious.

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