NOTHING MORE TO SAY ON September we got the Sahara summer population


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New drinking game for the forums:

Take a shot any time someone links the Steam numbers on a weekly reset/patch…


white knight? or RMTenjoyer?

LA is losing players steadily each month, nothing new about it. This game will be dead when D4 or Poe2 release

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It’s a nightmare pugging rn

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The fact that it has been months since this error appeared and they still haven’t solved it isn’t helping player numbers either:
EAC OFFLINE | SPELPWP1P2NT Mega Thread - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (
even those of us who love the game and want to play can’t because we have suddenly started getting these errors out of nowhere :face_holding_back_tears:

yeah we got the most fatal version off game i play on RU last year and 0 fails and in Kr the same i dont know what AGS do whit the game but need to solve it fast

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