Notify people in game about planned server restarts

While playing it would be nice to get a little heads up about planned server restarts. Like a counter that reminds you that servers are restarting in a certain amount of time. Otherwise it just looks like the game crashed from the players perspective (like with the restart in EU 10 minutes ago).

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They gave us an amazing 5 minutes notice.

Awesome stuff.

Some people just ate 2 hour queue just to login to a restart (30 min downtime).

1 Heure de file d’attente. J’ai joué 15 min et serveur en maintenance…
Même pour un jeu gratuit il y a des limites…
Depuis la sorti j’ai plus attendu en file d’attente que je n’ai joué ??? Cherchez l’erreur.

not even 30, in 12 mins our server was up… And 0 transparency on why for the 3rd time we needed a restart. What work was put in? Basic communications are missing.