Nov 2022 Twitch drops almost perfectly span EU night time

The Nov 22 to Jan 23 twitch drops are on a weekday (Thur) and span 11pm to 8am UTC. They require 1h of watching. This is essentially the entire time that most Europeans (Western/non-US) players will not be about as they are sleeping, especially if they have a job.

Is there any reason these twitch drops (on a single day) can’t simply span a 24h period?

To pre-empt some responses, I am 100pc aware that we can simply leave the PC on with the screen/sound off. In my case, it is in my bedroom and gives off a lot of light. The correct workaround here is to avoid shafting the European players (as seems to occur with all maintenance schedules), not for Europeans to stay up till midnight.

This is a relatively minor issue relative to the pheon debacle (not as minor as SH skin) but should not be hard to fix.

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Drops starts at 12AM on Thursday (00:00) and finish at Friday 8am if I’m not wrong, which is more than 24h hours. So much better time that what we’ve got before

Thanks very much for the info. I did search for any other topics on this before posting but am new to the forum so must have missed this.
Sounds like this is already well in hand. Any mods are welcome to lock this thread if preferred.

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i was so sad that i missed the silver just as i tuned in on a stream and got some progress the drop time ended and i didnt get it

You could leave a stream on and just turn off your monitor. Also I am not sure of this but I think you are not counted as an ‘active viewer’ if you have the stream muted in Twitch, so I always mute the tab or use the windows Volume Mixer to be safe.