Now I'm tilted. ffs

18 stones, 162 pheons, 33k + w/e I paid for the 18 stones, nothing to show for it.

I’m ngl, I’m an easy going guy, but this shit just tilted the ever living hell out of me.


7/7 is a scam, buy books


you need 7/7 for 5x3 still, this shit is a god damn joke. I’m actually tilted to oblivion, but this stupid ass system isn’t going to be fixed, because why would anyone care, right?

no you don’t

you only need 65 stone


You’ll cut it on your next try. Trust.

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i got a 6/7 and have 2x +12 books , it was easier way to done it as gamble for stone.

You can get 5x3 with double legendary books, me and most of my friends are 5x3 on multiple characters this way. Go for the guaranteed method.


Pheons are our friend, they said :joy:


Beat me to the picture.

Get double legendary books if you dont want to gamble. A 6/5 stone is essentially free.


And if he doesn’t hit, certainly the next stone.

It’s always the next stone you cut.



Expert is only 6.1k gold atm. That’s not too bad at all tbh.

This tho…

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Come at me when you hit 40+… Cause that is where I am at!

you “could” get around that for supports by going for engravings 4 and 5. If your a HA user, HA is extremely cheap, then DoE or VPH or MP Ex (whatever your making 5) is a legendary book option.

You dont need 7/7 for 5x3

True. You’re kind of paying a ton either way though. The cheapest accessory I could find with Salvation +5 would be Vital point hit for 30k+. All other combinations are 30k-200k xD.

I’m never going to take Salvation books up because it’s class based and I plan to main Artist when she comes out… so I’m just gonna do Expert and then awakening.

cut that 9/7, nothing else matters… except … pheons… oooo ooo oooh, they mean to make me cry, if I’m not back again this time tomorrow … pheons gone, pheons gone, as if nothing really matters


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he is complaining for 33k gold, one gold engraving is around 200k lol