Now it's even harder to get 1415

With the confirmation of Valtan, all enhancement materials have gone up in price. Amazon said they wanted people to reach 1415, but did they really mean that? All of the events have given 1370-focused rewards instead of 1415.


Why would u buy enhancement materials in the first place?


Whether you buy them or farm them, you spend the same amount of money. You aren’t getting to 1415 on bound materials.


I have never had to use the ah to buy anything to get to 1415. I have only used maris shop and I have plenty.


hahahahahahah, nice try bot-friend.


I pretty much did. Selling/keeping the unbound ones since very long time.

I’ll have my second character hitting 1415 just in time for Valtan. Haven’t had to buy any honing materials. I have sold a bunch though, to fund the honing gold costs.

How are you lacking in mats?

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Using unbound materials is the same as buying them. Unbound materials have a gold value.

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I heard having it hard is always good. Why would you want something soft anyways, unless its a pillow

Why would you need enhancement materials when going for 1415? Use bound leapstones and keep selling the tradeable ones.

Is it even worth selling them any more?

Where have you been for the past month or so. They announced its being released in may a while ago…

Sell the Greater leaps you get from Yoho and just buy em from Mari shop at a 50% discount.

Weapon crystals jumped up in price, which I sold. Held on to armor crystals. I’m guessing come 19th, prices might warrant selling.

Thanks for the tips, still trying to figure out what is worth selling and what isn’t. In struggletown between 1370 and 1415, keep running out of gold.

If you sell all your GHS you should never run out of gold and stones.

but your original claim is “it’s even harder to get to 1415” while in reality nothing changed OR it’s even easier because we get more gold for sold materials

It is harder to get to valtan than it was before, because every activity has a fixed gold reward and there’s less time to reach valtan than before. So you have less time & a higher cost to get there if you need to buy materials.

it depends on how many alts you have, I have 5 of them currently and they are at 1340 and my main is already at 1415… if you only play with your main then you won’t reach valtan when it comes out since you can’t sell the tradable mats that you’ve gathered using your alts (which is a lot IMO), it’s pretty fast for you alts to reach T3 and beyond, since the mats given from the events are plenty… (if you don’t waste them).

The time didn’t change because the original date was in may. Also you don’t need to buy off the ah just use maris shop.