Now more than ever, your review matters on Steam

That’s a lot o text to read… But after all, did you downvoted Lost Ark today on Steam or not?

You’re grasping at straws real hard aren’t you?

Stronghold research. In fact, when the new player’s stronghold are still low level, that’s where most researches are done and they need gold.

High level players are literally running T1 to T3 abyss dungeon for cards. Ever heard of card runs? I’m surprised you’re so ignorant or trying so hard at feigning ignorant about this despite you boasting your 1000+ hours of playtime.

I see, so you’re one of those that will force new players to skip the cutscene. Little surprise there of why you don’t see it as a problem because you’re part of the problem :slight_smile:

Really? Back when the game was still new? or at this very moment? Easy to just say stuff ey?

Have you seen the forums today? How many false positive ban posts just today alone? and these are probably just the vocal minority. I bet there are players who got wrongfully banned and didn’t bother to appeal and just left the game.

You didn’t address my point no.10 at all.

Yup, you’re really trying hard to ignore facts and push your narrative that this game is all well for new players. They are gonna have a great time from 1 to 50. However, you chose to ignore it didn’t you? So, I quote your statement back to you below.

Good riddance. Glad to know you have nothing against my points except your biased opinion that everything is fine and dandy for new players.

Why are people arguing? The game is good, AGS managed it to the ground. New players should avoid.

If I wasn’t invested I should have never started.

Just put your honest review, if game is irredeemable the review score will tell.

New World for example is basically a dog turd, a few white knights ain’t gonna change that common knowledge. Same will happen to Lost Ark if that’s what the game deserves.

No need to force it either way.

Ok, I’ll take the chum one more time, just in case this is really you being genuine and not fishing, but I’m probably wrong.

Not one person I started with at launch or since has gave one iota about their stronghold until way past 50. I mean if that’s their focus, then yes they will be bottle necked by gold…and pirate coins…and crafting materials like lumbar/stone/ships/dispatch crew. What an odd thing to tie the low level player’s gold needs to. But I will give the nuance that yes, if a players whole focus in the game is purely stronghold related with absolutely zero concern for leveling themselves up to complete the current gold providing content…sure they will not enjoy the game.

Because I don’t want to do it, I’m the problem? The problem isn’t the toxic person that screams at the person to hit escape…it’s also the people that simply don’t “want” to do it. Glad you snipped the one part that worked for you:

There snipped the rest for you.

Again, just jabbing to jab. As someone that has 100% in 12 zones, yea…right now…in fact Anchiladus as a primary example. And that was…3 weeks ago for me? But again, maybe it’s just a Karta thing…because that was MY experience. Maybe others have had worse, and therefore again I don’t openly OPPOSE your opinion. Just pointing out that there is more than just bad experiences.

Ok I wanted to say something snarky, but I’ll just answer: Yes I did…I grouped them both in 9. Not much else to say there.

How many false positive bans? According to who? You…that see’s the data? You know for a fact these are all false positive bans. I will openly say I’m extremely pessimistic about anyone who feigns innocence after being banned. Just like no one in jail committed their crime, right? It doesn’t help I know more than one person who has turned to the forums to cry out false ban in hope of promoting mass overturn/or just create chaos and they were 100% guilty of Chaos dungeon botting. Easy to just hear a story posted by a stranger, see their well designed snips that show a skewed vision of communication and say: False Ban.

Does it happen? Absolutely, and that’s why these people come to the forums and pour gas on the situation.

You had a bad experience and your objectivity has been compromised. Anything you say is doctrine and right, and anything anyone else says against you is an AGS sympathizer.

The difference between you and I? I’m not in the forums lobbying for positive reviews.

AGS has CMs and marketing people. Stop typing walls of txt for free. It’s cringe and they don’t need your help.

Nice try trying to twist my motive to fit your context. Perhaps, I’m not the one with a hidden agenda here.

I called people to leave honest Steam review but only people like you are trying to twist it and paint me into a villain. Accusing me of instigating a review bomb. If you can’t see that, then I guess you’re one of them.

If you like to take everything the wrong way, then I feel sad for your daily life. You must not have a lot of people that you trust in real life huh?

Imagine needing to come into someone’s thread to attack them, accuse them and twisting their intention to make yourself look like a hero. Bravo, I hope they promote you to a CM position. Clearly you’re one of them.

Ironically, until at this very point, you have yet to explain how am I hypocritical. All you’ve done until now is trying to grasp at straw and twist my points.

If you think AGS is not deserving of the criticism then good for you. Go write a bloody positive review and ignore new player problems. After all, you did brush aside the issues which new players will face.

Let’s not have another wall of text from you. To put it plainly, AGS is doing great in your eyes apart from the bot problem. That’s it.



Recommended a are slowly increasing in number now.



I’m still going to play the game and I do enjoy it besides its flaws (mostly AGS/SG decisions) but I wouldn’t reccommend it to anyone, hence my negative review on steam.

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i spent my day on league today, probably gonna switch between apex/league like old times because i burnout on lost ark. In my roster 6 i enjoy 3 classes and start to hate the 3 others. Its too painful to play and we wont see a good class before ages, so, i guess im done

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I’m sitting at 1460 with nothing to do cos I’m not gonna level more my gear cos I want to reroll to Artist, and red accesories are at 250k gold each and books at 40k so I can’t upgrade my gear xD. Economy is totally broken

well, those bots are a problem for sure but forcing urself to play classes u hate just to get mats is even worse in my opinion. I dont enjoy the game anymore

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Does the game force you to play alts that are different class than your main?
I have not witnessed any pop up saying “we have noticed that you have spent X hours on your class, press OK to roll into noobladin alt we made for you”

People still don’t understand that Valtan and Vykas are single piece of content, both of them are contributing to crafting a single item set. This content starts at level 1415 with Vykas at 1430. If you want to keep up with the content for some reason, you have to be on 1415, not 1460.

People stopping enjoying the game in context of MMO is a consistant thing thoughout every single game like this with vertical progression. If hitting wall with progress starting to be slower than before and requiring time to get over it is something that you don’t enjoy, then why do you even pick it on the first place? Every game has its group of people that are going to quit, most of the games (single player/co-op especially, but not only) are usually living for 2 weeks to a month since the release because next games are releasing. Even in 2004 people were saying the same things that we can read here and for some reason so many of them are thinking that something is going to be different for them, that next game or game from certain devteam/publisher is going to be the one that will do something special for them. 2 decades of repeating the same words are going to do nothing for you, find something that you enjoy and have fun with playing it

No sense. The root of the game is based on alt system, the game push you to play that way. If u play only 1 character, you are the one who got the wrong game. Also, after you made all weeklies, what u gonna do on 1 character ? 20min dailies ? At this point, better play a gasha game lol.

If you wanna have fun on this game, u play many character and if u wanna make gold and mats, u play many character. Your whole argument is pure no sense on lost ark

Looks like you can’t understand what have you wrote by yourself.

Alts are not classes, these 2 words have different meanings.
There is nothing preventing you to have 6 alts with the same class.
If you have 6 alts with the same single class, game won’t stop you from farming materials, there is no mechanic that works this way in game.
What in reality you wanted to say would be

I don’t like the fact that If you want to keep up with top players, you have to make alts and run both weekly and daily content on all of them.

Don’t you think that what you wrote initially is wrong?

I am playing on 5 characters right now, if someone enjoys playing only one character and doesn’t want to spend more time in game than that, then they can pay to speed up this character progression, that’s how it works and that’s where they are getting money from, that’s what keeping up the game and its development.

Adventure tome, event quests, gathering collectibles, leveling lifeskills, daily una tasks, chaos dungeons, guardian raids, PvP, daily events like world bosses, chaos gates, stronghold stuff, market check, sailing quests, raising rapport and doing its quests.

Don’t tell me what my idea of fun is

Once again. If you want to make enough of them to keep up with content release schedule and not using item shop, then yes. Without it you will just make less of them and your progress will be slower, so effectively you will reach that content later.

again xd

bump :upside_down_face:

no summer swimsuit skins , time to post another negative review i guess.

Still deaf ears only reason they decide to remove YOZ JAR is because they got scare of legal action aka lawsuit due to loot boxing. Keep hammering the review !

No legendary skins, no summer skins,
and a summer event which seems to be a punishment.