Now that you had to do an extended maintenance in order to remove free pheons, can we get a maintenance compensation?

AGS now at least you have a reason to give us the removed pheons back without Smilegate whipping you for being bad and giving out free shit for no reason since you have a reason now.

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Yes we gona get " 10 Pheons, 1 Free Card Pack, 1 Chest " but only once.


I’ll be expecting exactly 10 pheons, 1 chest, 1 card pack as compensation.


rendez les phéons!!! donner c’est donné, reprendre c’est voler!!! XD

they forget to put one more 0 at the end

please no more gifts or compensation they will f up again and then we have to wait another 4 hours

Same, but per character… fair compensation :sunglasses::+1::rofl:


Now they should remove pheons, basically useless to buy and even use them since they don’t even give us enough pheons to buy stuff. Remove them completely

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