Now what to do :P

Unas Weekly-Check
Unas Daily- Check
Cube- Check
Choas dungeon-check
Pvp-yes i know
islands- completed
Tier 3-check

so what else can i do now :stuck_out_tongue:

Check other games? Make some alts?


Grab all collectables you can
100% all adventure tomes
level up you gathering skills
decorate your stronghold
farm up all skill potions available
get rapport into your daily routine
make multiple alts and get them to t3 too
find a good way to make a lot of gold and stock up on blue crystals

there is a lot to do you just have to start with something


Go for a walk
Find a partner
check in on friends and family

Plenty to do in the grand scheme of things :slight_smile:


get some fresh air from time to time? probaby havent seen the light in weeks

i shower about once every 3 weeks :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

i am sure you have done all collectibles to 100% and adventure tomes and have 1370-1415 ilvl for argos xD but ye go outside play other games

Twinks (alts?). This game is build around having alts and doing daily stuff on them too.

Otherwise go and get your lifeskillbar to 0 or collect all the things like seeds, hearts and more.

u need to touch some grass

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Get 100% quality items for each and all of your character’s gear-slots

you win the internet

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This is your answer to your post @Cityslicker175.
The game isn’t made to no life it to be honest.
Otherwise playing other games or more important doing IRL stuff.

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It’s impossible to run out of things to do in this game. There are collectibles and rewards to grind, more progress into T3 to make, rapport to level up, alts to catch up on, and on and on.

Why does everyone keep saying 100% the adventure tome most of them are useless after between 50%-70% and alot of the collectable pages are mostly fluff and any book bonuses are hardly worth having. Sure theres a lot systems but theyre not game changing. The only one that should be powered through is the hearts, theyre the most important.

Note on alts. Not everyone likes the classes we have some are waiting for other classes where getting gold on a main is worth more in materials than running 2 alts to T3 again.

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touch grass maybe?

ehm u need 100% for ignea tokens xD to get skillpoints

You dont need 8 points from igneas. Like i said its all about 50%-70% tome and hearts where most of the ooints coming from quests/dailies (10 days max) and 20 island tokens which youll get without trying. Ive got all the points available minus ingeas abd the 6 star. But my builds done as ive got one skill that doesnt need to go over 7.

Mokoko seed hunt check?
Rapport build check?
Min-max Engraving/gem/ triport check?
If everything has been checked then either flex your achievements/ help other players / play other games while waiting for new contents or just do RL stuffs. New contents coming out soon this month.

But honestly, when i am at “your stage” i will make 2 more alts and build it to T3… Or like a famous streamer Saintone said “not alts but lower level main”

well some jobs need all skill points they can get