NPC dialogue - Can't discern last dialogue line anymore (after Spring update)

Hello, I’m sure this is very niche issue but since the Spring update I can no longer discern when is the last line of dialogue with NPC.

Before this update, when the NPC was on their last dialogue line, the graphic on the bottom right disappeared. (prompt to press “G” to get to the next line - prompt)
This made it possible to know when the NPC reached the last line in a given dialogue branch.
After update, the prompt is there on every line including the last one.

Why is this a problem for me?
I like to read all of the dialogue options before progressing further.
Knowing when is the last line of the dialogue branch, gives me the chance to “ESC” the dialogue and go through it again.
However, when I don’t know which is the last line and I press “G”, it often progresses the quest/chat/etc. without any way to redo it (except quests which can be abandoned and redone completely, which can be super annoying).

I didn’t notice this change in the Spring update changelog.
This makes me think it was not intended and is maybe revertible?
Or is there any other way to know when the last dialogue line is reached?
Or maybe a completely different way to go through all of the dialogue options? (in-game only please, I don’t intend to watch, read or listen to playthroughs)

Thanks to anyone who gives this a read, and even bigger thanks to anyone who responds.

GL & HF in your adventures.
See ya in Arkesia.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community. I’ll send this over to the team.

I’ve sent this over!

Whether intentionally or not, my problem is solved.
The change in April Spring Update to make all NPC dialogue "SHIFT+G"able made last lines discernable again! :partying_face:
Now the prompt changes from other_line on every other line, to last_line on the last line.
I can’t wait to complete all the quests I skipped because of branching dialogue.